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Relationship with Local Communities

Blossom Corridor Cherry Blossom Festival
(Okayama Prefecture)

The DOWA group positions activities in local communities as one of the important field of CSR. Every business establishment both in Japan and other countries is actively participating in CSR activities including: participation in tree planting festivals, afforestation in local communities, accepting visitors to our plants, offering on-the-job training, sponsorship and support for sports events.

Social Contribution Activities

We believe a company should gain trust from society and grow with society as a member of the local community. We continue to support NPOs and groups related to education and welfare in local communities where we conduct business.

Local Activities through Sports Events

The DOWA group sponsors various sports events, aimed at vitalizing local communities and sound growth of the next generation through sports. We believe we can foster these events so that they will become deeply rooted in local communities by planning the events together with local people.

Basketball Interchange Program at the afforestation festival, Akita Prefecture

Basketball Interchange Program

In July 2012, the sixth Kosaka Household Town Afforestation Planting Ceremony was held in Kosaka, Akita. This afforestation festival has been held every year since 2007. This year, players from the "Akita Northern Happinets," a professional basketball team of the BJ League also participated in the festival. At the end of the festival, a basketball interchange program was held with sixty-nine local children and the players. Those children were happy to receive instruction directly from star players during the practice match.

The 3rd Kojima Lake Blossom Corridor Exciting Health Marathon Held: Okayama Prefecture

Blossom Corridor Marathon Event

We held a Blossom Corridor Marathon Race starting from and ending at the Blossom Corridor Golf Course in November 2012. The DOWA group established the Kojima Blossom Corridor Supporters Club to improve the environment around Lake Kojima. This club started this marathon race to promote exchanges between our employees and local people through sports. We had 1,555 entries from 21 prefectures for 3km, 5km and 10km courses along the corridor. Approximately 300 staff members supported the event in cooperation with local people.

The twenty-third DOWA Cup Jr. Cross Country Ski Competition: Akita Prefecture

DOWA Cup Ski Competition

The twenty-third DOWA Cup Jr. Cross Country Ski Competition was held at the Lake Towada in February 2013. This event consisted of relay, sit ski and cross country races. Sit ski is for disabled people who use wheelchairs. It is one of the largest ski festivals in Japan for elementary school and junior high school students and the only cross country race where skiers can ski through a national park. The operation of the competition is supported mainly by our employees and members of local ski clubs, with the help of the local government, educational institutions and other local supporters.

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