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Social PerformanceRelations with Employees

Promotion of Diversity Management

Employees with diversified talents exercising their full potential will lead to the growth of a company. The DOWA group is now building a system to recruit employees who can work on a global basis regardless of nationality as part of promoting diversity efforts. We also re-employed those who intended to work in the DOWA group after compulsory retirement age for the purpose of actively utilizing experienced workers. We revised the re-employment system by newly adopting a job rank system, aimed at putting in place the working environment where experienced employees can fully exercise their long cultivated talents.

Work/Life Balance

The DOWA group is committed to improving the workplace for employees. Our work/life balance program aims at helping each employee to exercise his/her abilities to the fullest extent according to his/her life style both at work and at home. We strive to improve the working environment by implementing a more flexible working system like flexible working hours and leave of absence system for raising children and caretaking of family members. As a result of these efforts, users of these systems are increasing every year. In 2012, 16 employees took child-raising leaves of absence. The survey results for newly recruited employees show approximately 44% wanted to take leaves of absence for raising children and approximately 20% for caretaking of family members. We will continue our work life balance efforts further, based on the action plan to nurture the next generation.

Health and Safety

The DOWA group continues to offer educational programs on health and safety of the workplace to employees and those of partner companies to raise awareness and prevent accidents. We also offer study sessions on risk assessment and accident cases in addition to various training and educational programs, especially in production-related departments where environmental and safety education is prerequisite.

In 2012 we started the Safety Activity Project across the Group (More) to improve the safety levels of all offices and business establishments both in Japan and other countries, in addition to the usual safety patrols and risk assessment campaigns.

2012 accident incidents at the DOWA group's production bases

The 2012 frequency of accidents at DOWA group's production sites was compared to that of another company of similar scale listed in the occupational accident statistics by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. DOWA's frequency rate was 1.21 compared to that of the other company of 2.43 and the severity rate was 0.05 compared to that of the other company of 0.12. The figures are lower than those of the other company in the accident statistics.

*These rates are compared to those confirmed values of the accident statistics in 2011 for a company with 50 to 99 employees (average number of employees in each one of DOWA group's production bases).


The DOWA group considers it important for all employees to enjoy an active life both in terms of body and mind and health as the fountain of developing human resources. DOWA strives to protect the health of each employee, including support for various systems of physical examinations and gynecological examinations and putting the mental health counseling system in place.

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