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The DOWA Group CSRCSR Management

CSR Policy

The DOWA group set forth its "CSR Policy" to promote CSR activities from a long-term point of view, based on the Dowa Group's Corporate Philosophy and Standards of Conduct, referring to the rules of United Nations Global Compact Guidelines. We will carry out our responsibilities for society through our CSR activities with management based on this policy. We endeavor to share the policy with all employees, utilizing the group’s in-house newsletters and the Intranet to implement our CSR efforts in a practical manner.


Priority List of CSR

We evaluated ourselves based on the key focus of ISO 26000 when we set forth our CSR Policy. We then set forth a priority list of CSR that the DOWA group should address in implementing the policy. We are committed to promoting sound business management through implementation of the policy as a responsible company.

Priority List of CSR

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