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Environmental ReportPresent Status of Resource Recycling
(within the DOWA group)

The DOWA group strives to help build a sustainable society both by reducing consumption of limited natural resources and by recycling used resources.
In our Environmental & Recycling business, we promote thermal recycling that uses heat from burning waste to generate electricity. We strive to improve pre-processing technologies for assuring a constant level of quality of recycled materials while properly operating our thermal power generation.

In our Nonferrous Materials business, we are strengthening our abilities to recover rare metals such as nickel, tin, antimony and gallium as well as the recycling of zinc. For the amount of recycled materials in the total amount of raw materials for production, see "Total Material Input: Raw materials usage. "

Thermal Recycling

In 2012 the total amount of thermal recycling within the DOWA group accounted for 394,000 tons (388,000 t in Japan, 6,000 t other countries). The amount of waste heat power used in Japan offices and plants was 62 GWh, while heat that was recovered and used besides power generation was 666 TJ (Tera (=1012) joule, a slight decrease from the previous year. This was mainly due to the reduction of waste to be used for recovery of heat in ECO-SYSTEM Sanyo and the reduction of waste heat power generation in DOWA ELECTORNCS Okayama.

< Changes of Annual Waste Heat Power Generation >

Changes of Annual Waste Heat Power Generation

< Changes of Annual Waste Heat Recovery >

Changes of Annual Waste Heat Recovery

Material Recycling

The amount of material recycling within the DOWA group in 2012 was 124,000 tons (122,000 t in Japan and 2,000 t other countries), a decrease by 12% from the previous year. This was mainly due to the 8% decrease of soil recycling compared to the previous year.

< Details of Material Recycling (within the DOWA group) >

Details of Material Recycling (within the DOWA group)

Note: The calorific values shown for the DOWA group is only a reference value because some values are not measured according to the method shown in the Measurement Act.

Note: CO2 is calculated by multiplying grid-purchased electricity, fossil fuel consumption and amount of accepted waste by emission factor set forth in the Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures. However, CO2 emission derived from accepted waste does not always correspond to the value submitted to administration authorities,.because part of the prerequisites used in the method for this report differ from that for the reports to administration authorities. As segregation of waste differs between Japan and other countries, it is difficult to set a proper emission factor to such emission. Therefore CO2 emission derived from waste shown here are only from our business establishments in Japan.

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