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Questionnaire Results

Comments & Opinions for the DOWA group's CSR Report 2012

We distributed our CSR reports to our stakeholders including shareholders, investors, partners, customers and local people at the general shareholders’ meeting, exhibits and environmental events. In addition, we also post all of our CSR reports published so far on our website. We send out a printed report to those who wish to have one.

We also deliver the report to all employees of the DOWA group every year. We position the CSR report as a tool for each employee to deepen his/her understanding on our CSR and environmental efforts.

The DOWA group conducted a survey to ask comments and opinions from the readers of our CSR reports to reflect them in our activities and improving our reports. We also asked comments and opinions on our CSR activities and reports from newly recruited employees in our training sessions. We reflected those valuable comments and the opinion of a third party expert of last year in preparation for this report as follows.

Comments and Opinions for the Questionnaire

We received many replies from readers and we appreciate those replies very much. Those comments and opinions are analyzed and main comments were summarized as follows.

Status of those who commented


About our CSR report


Main comments

Previous questionnaire results are reflected in the report and I think it is good.

I can see that the group spent much effort and money on this CSR report because of the quality of paper they used.

The report could be much better if there were links to each of the DOWA group company's website.

About items you are interested in (multiple answers)


Main comments

I can understand the DOWA's business situations and the response to the Earthquake, especially on the relationship with each stakeholder.

I can understand the whole picture of the DOWA's activities and what effects DOWA is expecting from the activities.

I was very surprised at how low the ratio of female employees in the company is when I read the "Employment" part of the Relationship with Employees section.

What is expected from our efforts for CSR (multiple answers)


Main comments

I expect DOWA's further efforts to tackle with environmental issues.

I have a good impression of DOWA's efforts for society and employees. I can evaluate DOWA's steady environmental efforts.

I hope DOWA continues to strive for improvement of its corporate ethics.

The Voice from Our Employees

The DOWA group offers educational programs on CSR to raise awareness of CSR in our comprehensive training programs for newly recruited employees and share our CSR activities with them.

GraphThis year we offered lectures on "For what purpose does a company exist?" and "What are good companies?" from a corporate point of view. We also evaluated explicitness and details of our CSR Report 2012 and prepared a report on "Important activities in terms of corporate social responsibilities" and "What CSR activities should be enhanced" from the standpoint of newly recruited employees.

About our CSR report


About our efforts for CSR (Top 10 / multiple answers)


Comments from Newly Recruited Employees

Points evaluated

Many articles dealt with recycling and I can see DOWA's focus on recycling,

I felt it important that DOWA strives for disclosure of information to the local community in addition to sponsoring events with the local community.

I can really see by DOWA's environmental efforts that DOWA is trying to tackle with the environmental issues as an integral part of its business, and not just as voluntary activities.

Points to improve

Labor safety is an important policy of DOWA, but the report lacks specific descriptions of its provisions for safety.

Many abstract words are used in the description on human rights. More specific and detailed explanation is necessary.

I wanted more specific and detailed description of DOWA's afforestation activities.

Improved points of this year

Main improved items in CSR Report 2013, reflecting comments from our stakeholders

We edited CSR Report 2013, reflecting the valuable comments from our stakeholders.

From Questionnaire Results

It is difficult to understand the relationship between important measures and actual goals.

CSR Policy, important measures, goals and implementation statuses are printed as a double-page spread so the relationships are more really apparent.

There aren't enough specific descriptions about labor safety, one of the important measures.

Feature article on labor safety is posted in the Social Performance section.

Third Party's Opinion

To make it easy to understand that important measures and social goals are positioned under our CSR Policy.

Goals were classified into four areas: "Safety," "Environment," "Corporate Governance," and "Society." The progress of the statuses and evaluation of these four goals as well as issues for the next year and on have been posted.

Increase and decrease as compared to the previous year should be clearly identified and what is indicated by figures that can be easily seen in the material balance list.

The percent (%) compared to the previous year was added to the numerical values of the material balance.

We will review thoroughly your comments and opinions on our CSR efforts and reflect upon them in our CSR activities.

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