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Social PerformanceRelations with Customers

Together with Customers

The DOWA Group is committed to the realization of a better society through our products and services and endeavors to make good relationship with our customers.

Sending Out Information

The DOWA group strives to send out information related to the environment and social contribution, through our website, exhibitions and seminars.

We are committed to strengthening communication with our customers by engaging in various activities to send out information, including exhibitions and events in and outside Japan, holding seminars and making presentations at symposiums.

Exhibitions offer us an opportunity to communicate with our customers and gather opinions directly from them. In connection with our global business deployment, we have more opportunities to send out information by actively participating in international exhibitions.

[The main international exhibitions that we participated in 2012.]

PCIM Asia2012
June 19 ? 21, Shanghai, China

Waste Met Asia 2012
July 1 ? 4, Singapore

Printed Electronics USA 2012
December 5 ? 6, Santa Clara, U.S.A.

Photonics West 2013
February 5 ? 7, San Francisco, U.S.A.

[The main lectures we participates in 2012]

OPIE'12 Special Seminar on infrared and ultraviolet light radiation
April 25, Yokohama, Japan

Tohoku Branch of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan Lecture Commemorating Yukawa/President Yamazaki of MM
December 11, Morioka, Japan

Japan and Brazil Recycling Seminar on Waste from Electric and Electronic Products/ES Recycling Business Unit
March 12 ? 13, Brasilia, Brazil



DOWA-CSR Websitehttp://www.dowa-csr.jp/en/

To disseminate information on the DOWA group's CSR activities, we opened a website dedicated to CSR in June 2007. In addition to the Web version of our CSR report, the website features a questionnaire page. Our stakeholders can submit their comments and views from the website. We endeavor to reflect them in our future CSR activities.

Working Together with Shareholders and Investors

The DOWA group recognizes that explaining corporate and business management information to our stakeholders including shareholders and investors is one of the important points in terms of our corporate governance and we are committed to timely and proper disclosure of the information.

Our management holds results briefings on quarterly results. We also offer opportunities to communicate with both Japanese and international investors directly on our business information. We try to make proper and highly transparent disclosure of information, by publishing our annual report and IR reports in Japanese, English and Chinese.

Communication with Shareholders and Investors

Observation tour for investors

In January 2013, we organized an observation tour for security analysts to visit our plants in five business bases in South East Asia in connection with rapid business growth in Asia. We took them to our recycling and waste disposal plants in Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore and held a local briefing session to deepen their understanding of our business outside of Japan. We will continue to promote communication with shareholders and investors.

General Shareholders' Meeting


The DOWA group holds the annual shareholders' meeting in June at the Four Seasons Hotel Chinzanso, Tokyo every year and approximately 500 shareholders attended the meeting in 2012. After the meeting we hold a party so that we can better communicate with shareholders and they can talk to our directors. We have a booth at the venue exhibiting our products.

DOWA HD website (IR Information)http://www.dowa.co.jp/en/ir/

Information on DOWA Holdings is posted in this website in an easy-to understand way to our shareholders and investors.

Together with Customers

The DOWA Group is committed to sustainable development with our customers through fair and honest purchasing. We also try to build a supply chain management system that considers environmental and social issues, based on our procurement policy according to five principles of: openness, fairness, compliance, environmentally-friendliness and mutual trust.

We also offer educational opportunities on environment and safety and emergency drills to our customers to improve environmental conservation activities throughout our supply chains.

Procurement policy
http://www.dowa.co.jp/jp/about_dowa/chotatsuhoshin.html (Japanese only)

Response to Conflict Metals


The Dodd-Frank Act was enacted in July 2010 in U.S.A. This is a law to reform financial regulations. The act requires listed companies to report to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on the use of conflict minerals produced in the Republic of Congo and adjoining countries in their products. The conflict metals refers to tantalum, tin, gold, tungsten and other minerals designated by the Secretary of State in the Act, aimed at cutting off the financial sources to the armed groups in the Republic of Congo.

The DOWA group set forth the basic policy as follows and is actively informing all employees of the policy in order to carry out our social responsibilities in purchasing so that our customers can utilize our metal materials without any concern.

  • We do not use or purchase minerals designated as conflict metals produced in the conflict areas and their recycled materials.
  • We do not trade conflict metals in the conflict areas.

DOWA METALS & MINING accepted the audit of Gold Conflict-Free Smelter program by EICC-GeSI and obtained the certificate in October 2012.

EICC: Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition
GeSI: Global e-Sustainability Initiative

Procurement policy of conflict minerals

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