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Message from the Management

We are deploying our resource-recycling business covering five business fields, focusing on countries in Asia.

We are committed to resolving social issues in the world, including environmental and energy problems through our main business activities such as offering eco-friendly products, waste disposal and recycling.

President and representative director,

Masao Yamada

Responding Agilely to the Borderless Marketplace

Two years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Japan’s electricity and energy problems still remain, affecting the manufacturing industry as a whole and the market structure is rapidly and significantly changing. National and local governmental and economic trends are increasingly influencing business conditions on a global basis, making us aware that the borderless marketplace is expanding. Even under such unstable circumstances, the DOWA group is committed to expanding our business, focusing on Asian and emerging markets, based on our basic policy of “Continued Growth” in our mid-term plan V initiated last year. We started our recycling plant of precious metals in Singapore. We also constructed a zinc processing plant in Thailand and a heat treatment plant in Indonesia. Capitalizing on those plants, we will swiftly respond to the trends and needs of marketplaces and client companies in those countries in cooperation with our existing plants in Japan and other countries.

Safety Is the Top Priority as our Social Responsibility

Strengthening of our business base is indispensable for our continued growth. Among other concerns, safety is at the center of our business. “Safety is the top priority” has been our long lasting policy. We strive to make all employees and relevant parties thoroughly aware of this “Safety is the top priority” policy, assuming the proliferation of plants and the increase of employees of DOWA group in Japan and other countries. We started the Safety Activity Project across the Group last year to minimize accidents, prepare for disasters and handle problems in our group. This project focuses on improving the level of safety across the group, with a slogan of “No one is hurt—No one hurts others.” We believe that building the safe workplace and conducting safe operations are our social responsibility for our employees, client companies and local communities.


CSR Management that Works Closely across the Supply Chain

The importance of the CSR management in the business management is increasing along with the globalization of business management. We not only comply with universal rules of the UN Global Compact Guidelines in which we participated in 2009, but also endeavor to promote SCR across the whole supply chain, further considering cooperation with procurement sources and suppliers. Last year we obtained EICC certificate* for its conflict-free minerals for gold. We make every effort to promote CSR activities in each business of the DOWA group that is deployed in a wide range of fields from the upstream to downstream resource chain.

*EICC (Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) is a group that promotes Code of Conduct in the electronic industry of the U.S.A. and world.

This CSR report is to inform all stakeholders both in Japan and other countries of our various efforts as well as to provide an opportunity for our employees to review their CSR activities. We welcome your suggestions and comments. We will make best use of them to direct our efforts of creating our new corporate standards towards resolution of social problems on a global basis and creation of new principles in our international society.

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