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Our Efforts for Human Rights and Corruption Prevention

The DOWA Group is committed to prohibiting discrimination due to nationality, race, ethnic group, religion, sex, age and disability; child labor; forced labor; and tackling corruption under the ten principles of the UN Global Compact (UN GC).
We strive to understand the circumstances relating to human rights by conducting surveys in our operational subsidiaries both in Japan and other countries.
In 2012 we did not receive any report on discrimination relating human rights, child labor, forced labor and actual cases of corruption. The DOWA group will continue to respect human rights and promote anti-corruption measures.


The DOWA group places "Compliance" as the basis of our corporate management and is promoting such measures as strengthening of internal control and education, based on the standard of conduct of our group.

Standards of Conduct of the DOWA group http://www.dowa.co.jp/en/about_dowa/cvision.html

The DOWA group set forth Standards of Conduct so that each employee is aware that a company is a public institution, comply with laws and regulations and take a sensible course of action and continues to act spontaneously towards creating a good life and building a resource-recycling society.

DOWA Hotline Desk

DOWA Hotline Desk/poster

We set up the DOWA Hotline Desk and advertise the desk through in-house posters. Through this hotline desk employees can discuss their problems in the workplace directly with corporate lawyers. The DOWA Hotline Desk is open even for customers and partners so that their employees can use it and we can build up sound relations outside our company.

[ Contamination of ground water in Chukyo Anjo Plant of DOWA THERMO ENGINEERING ]

Contamination exceeding the legal permissible standard was discovered in the soil and groundwater on the premises of Chukyo Anjo Plant of DOWA THERMO ENGINEERING. An in-house investigation found on the premises: Trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, dichloroethylene, boron and fluorine. The plant reported the investigation immediately to the local government and investigated the water quality of seven wells on the premises and the areas approximately 500m from the premises. As a result, amounts of contamination exceeding the environmental standard were found in the wells in the plant and in one well near the plant. The amounts found in the other wells were within the limits stipulated by the environmental standard. We regarded that contamination of groundwater was limited to the area of the plant and we are now proceeding with purification measures through biological treatment and pumping under the supervision of the local government. Since the contaminated area was paved, there is no risk of spreading contamination.

We are very sorry that we caused local people and relevant parties anxieties and worries. We will respond to the situation in a proper manner under the supervision of Aichi Prefecture.

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