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Our Efforts towards Safety

The DOWA group offers educational programs on health and safety of workplace to our employees and those of partner companies, to raise awareness and prevent accidents. We also offer study sessions on risk assessment and accident cases in addition to various training and educational programs, especially in production-related departments where environmental and safety education is prerequisite.

The following are our major training and educational programs on workplace safety that were offered in 2007.

Present Status of Health and Safety Activities of Workplace

  Company Name Description Total Number of Participants
MIM Metals & Mining Akita Rare Metal Accident and Disaster Case Study Group 359
In-house education and training by leaders in charge of risk assessment promotion
Health and Safety Environmental Committee 144
Akita Zinc Co., Ltd. Blitz training 67
Preconstruction safety education given to contractors 77
First aid 12
Safety education 62
Akita Zinc Solutions Co., Ltd. On site KYT (risk prediction training) 40
Laws on health and safety 40
Comprehensive evacuation drill 70
Fire training 40
Kosaka Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd. Education on implementing health and safety 22
Safety practice education 24
KYT (risk prediction training) education 15
Safety education using video 459
Education on preventing coarse particle hazards and others 36
Nippon PGM Co., Ltd. Emergency drill 7
Water discharge exercise 9
Safety education (4S, prevention of chemical hazard, RA) 16
ES Eco-System ECO-SYSTEM Hanaoka Education to check the procedure of opening flexible containers 23
Education of transferring beneficiation technique 8
KYT training and education 9
Risk assessment case study 12
Toxicity and handling of hazardous substances 10
ECO-SYSTEM Sanyo Fire fighting training 600
Potential accident experience 720
ECO-SYSTEM AKITA Blitz training 67
Preconstruction safety education given to contractors 77
First aid 12
Safety education 62
ECO-SYSTEM Chiba Health and Safety Committee 192
Basic education on fire control equipment 20
Health and safety education 28
Video education (promoting safety and health) 43
Risk prediction training 34
Eco Recycle Emergency drill 35
Evacuation drill 37
Promotional education on potential accident experience 40
Dowa Tsu-un Co., Ltd. Accident case study 523
New recruits education 8
Education on emergency contact in case of accidental leaks 50
KYT (risk prediction training) education 148
Education on industrial wastes 148
Eco System Japan
Safety driving educational conference 204
GEOTECHNOS Co., Ltd Training given to safety administrators when they are appointed 2
Explanation of basic cycles of safety operations 18
Explanation of risk assessment methods and their manuals 30
E&E Solutions Inc. Health and Safety Committee 120
Ecosystem Recycling Higashi Nihon 4 RKY 274
Risk assessment 188
About chemical hazards 31
Health and safety 95
Ecosystem Recycling Nishi Nihon Shop gathering 250
Accident and disaster case study 80
Emergency drill 25
Study session 250
Act-B recycling Co.,Ltd KYT training 630
Risk assessment presentation 210
Lift safety driving education 22
ECO-SYSTEM Okayama Education for new recruits  
Reeducation of new recruits  
Green Fill Kosaka Security get-together 96
Risk assessment presentation 40
Emergency training 24
ECO-SYSTEM KOSAKA Fire control training 10
Firefighting training 20
Blitz training (smoke) 7
Education for new recruits  
EL Electronics DOWA Electronics Okayama Education for new recruits 85
Reeducation of new recruits 43
Comprehensive disaster drill 51
DOWA IP Creation New recruits education 43
Temporary employee education 32
All employee education 176
DOWA F-TEC Educating new recruits 3
MT Metaltech Co., Ltd. DOWA Metal Safety education 51
Safety education for employees with work experience less than three years 92
Evacuation and firefighting drill 150
DOWA Power Device@ Safety education for new recruits 60
Dowa Hightech Co., Ltd. Emergency drill 312
Safety driving class 141
Crane training session 57
Education at introduction of AEDs 32
New Nippon Brass Co., Ltd. Emergency training 13
External KYT (risk prediction training) education 20
Hoei Shoji Co., Ltd. Risk prediction training 900
DOWA METANIX Co., Ltd. Safety education 45
Safety education at each workplace 45
TH Thermotech Co., Ltd. The entire Thermotech Education to obtain qualifications and offering special education programs 80
In-house education 200
Emergency training 120
HD Holdings DOWA Techno Engineering Co., Ltd. Health and safety education for new recruits 1
Emergency contact training assuming disaster and accident events 20
Foreman education 3
Training given to safety administrators when they are appointed 1
Unekura Mine (West) Response to treated water with poor quality 8
Unekura Mine (North) Firefighting training 9

Frequency Rate and Severity Rate

The 2007 severity rate of the DOWA group production base was compared to that of similar-scale company listed in the accident statistics and the figures are 1.40 vs. 2.62. DOWAfs frequency rate was 0.05 compared to that of the similar scale company of 0.17. DOWAfs figures are all lower than those of the other company in the accident statistics.

Note: These rates are compared to those confirmed values of the accident statistics in 2006 for a company with 100 to 299 employees.