CSR of DOWA(DOWA Corporate Social Responsibility)

Aiming at Materials Recycling Industry - Basic Environmental Policy of the DOWA group

Environmental regulations will be getting stricter and stricter. The differentiator that sets a company apart from others will be the extent of commitment to environmental debt (asset retirement obligation) in which soil contamination, etc. will be recognized as debt of a company, penalty for false reporting of pollution control and cost increase of global warming measures. The DOWA group regards environmental business as its core and aims at being a materials-recycling industry. We regarded this as a good opportunity and reviewed our existing basic environmental policy to further promote our environmentally conscious business management.

We reviewed the policy based on the following two basic concepts: 1. We must improve environment through our business activities and hand over the sound earth environment to the next generation. 2. ‚ve strive to establish fairness and honesty in each employeefs action and awareness by considering what is good for the earth environment and local communities through daily activities and practice activities appreciated by local people.

We reviewed our basic environment policy based on these basic concepts.

Basic Environmental Policy