CSR of DOWA(DOWA Corporate Social Responsibility)

2007 Results - Environmental and Social Goals and their Present Status

The DOWA group positions environmental conservation and social activities as the important issue in conducting our business and is engaged in various CSR activities. Among others, we focus on two goals of reduction of CO2 emission and afforestation in our long term vision of fighting global warming.

In 2007, in addition to 1% reduction of specific CO2 emission compared to the year before, we achieved initial goals of afforestation in Akita and Okayama Prefectures and held a tree planting ceremony together with local people. However, we failed to achieve our goal of compliance with laws and regulation, as we had one accident pertaining discharged water in Akita Prefecture. We will continue to contribute to and achieve this goal in 2008.

Title Goal Present Status Page
Global Warming Measures Reduction of Specific CO2 emission 1% reduction of specific CO2 emission (emission per sale) year-over-year 1.3% reduction compared to the year before P37
Promotion of Afforestation Maintenance of Existing Forests Kosaka, Oba, Yukizawa, Nibetu, Yuzawa 121 ha P25
New Afforestation Okayama Prefecture 1,700 trees, Akita Prefecture 6,000 trees P25
Corporate Governance Compliance with Laws and Regulations One violation of laws Akita Zinc Co., Ltd. Discharged water accident P35
Communication Enhancement of community activities Sponsoring events involving local communities through afforestation Tree planting event titled as "Lake Kojima Blossom Corridor" in Okayama Prefecture in December 2007 and January 2008. Establishment of our supportersf club P25
Promotion of disclosure of information Disclosure of environmental information on our Web site Opening of DOWA CSR site
Opening of gLake Kojima Blossom Corridor projecth Web site
Promotion of disclosure of information Public Relations Environmental education classes were offered to elementary, secondary and high school students in Akita in January and February 2008. Our personnel visited schools. P21
Last yearfs risk communication event given by New Nippon Brass Co., Ltd. won the PRTR Special Award (for business sector) P22

Towards Low Carbon Society - The DOWA groupfs Long Term Vision of Fighting Against Global Warming


We aim to be carbon neutral, which refers to zero CO2 emission in connection with business activities (including reduction brought about by energy saving efforts) brought about by offsetting it with the equivalent reduction amount of CO2 achieved through recycling, chlorofluorocarbon destruction and CDM business activities aimed at emergence of resource-recycling society, contributing to reduction of global CO2 emission.