Environmental report

Environmental Performance - INPUT

Usage of Raw Materials, Acceptance of Recycled Materials

The DOWA group used 1,100,000 t of raw materials (for machine parts, medical agents, materials) in 2007, of which usage of virgin materials was 901,000 t, while that of recycled materials was 199,000 t. Included in virgin materials are 88,000 t of entrusted heat treatment products. They were entrusted to us by our customers and are not for consumption by us.

In addition, we accepted 1,126,000 t of wastes as raw material recycled from wastes. Raw materials recycled from wastes include, waste oil, sludge, waste plastics, shredded dust and soil. We recycle them and utilize them as energy (thermal recycling).

Usage of raw materials decreased by about 3% compared to last year. Also accepted quantity of raw materials recycled from wastes decreased by about 5% compared to last year.

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