CSR of DOWA(DOWA Corporate Social Responsibility)

Three Viewpoints - CSR Philosophy of DOWA



DOWAfs basic CSR policy is stated in gThe Dowa Groupfs Values and Standards of Conducth (http://www.dowa.co.jp/jp/about_dowa/cvision.html). We believe that a company can exist only by contributing to the society and must be recognized by the society, meeting expectations from its stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees, local communities and partner companies; offering the best quality; returning its profits to society and conserving environments and also through honesty and sincerity of employees.

In 2007 an internal control supporting function was added to the DOWA Holdingsf Safety Environment Department and the name of the department was changed to the CSR Department. We strive to promote its activities in order to meet expectations from our stakeholders from three viewpoints of Environmentally Conscious Business Management, Internal Control and Risk Management.