CSR of DOWA(DOWA Corporate Social Responsibility)

Duties Expected from Our Employees - CSR Guideline of the DOWA group

We placed gThe Dowa Groupfs Values and Standards of Conducth in place, which stipulates what is expected from our employees and provides a backbone of our CSR activities.


We always strive to improve our specialty and aim at the state-of-art technology.
We develop products and services loved by the world.


We challenge aggressively towards our goals without trapped in the past experiences and stereotypes.
We endeavor to think ahead of our time, flexibly responding to changing markets and realize sustainable growth and development.


We actively disclose necessary information to our customers and local communities and respond them with sincerity.
We do not make any in-house walls, share information and visibility, and endeavor to exercise our abilities as a team.


We always respect others, accept their expectations and assume the responsibility to perform our roles.
We strive to realize secure and safe workplace for the benefit of our family members, colleagues and local communities.

We will promote the implementation of the above mentioned four policies in-house and build a system that allows each workplace and employee to practice these guidelines in his/ her specific actions.