Editorial Line

(1) Reorganization

Dowa Mining Co., Ltd. changed its name to Dowa Holdings Co., Ltd on October 1, 2006 and started a new management system on a group basis. Some figures of each operating company provided in CSR Report 2007 may differ from those in CSR Report 2008, which is based on the new accounting system; however, the difference may not affect overall performance of the DOWA group.

›Aggregation boundary changes

Kosaka Smelting & Mining of DOWA Metals & Mining Co., Ltd.

  • œ Kosaka Smelting & Mining of DOWA Metals & Mining
  • œ Eco-System Kosaka Co., Ltd. of DOWA Eco-System
  • œ DOWA Eco-System: Green Fill Kosaka

DOWA Electronics: Electronics Okayama

  • œ DOWA Eco-System: Eco-System Okayama
  • œ DOWA Electronics: Electronics Okayama


Not included in aggregation are:

  • œ Dowa Koei(Winding up of business)
  • œ Akita Geothermal Energy(Transfer of assets)

DOWAfs operating companies and group subsidiaries changed their names to new ones as of October 1, 2006.

(2) Publishing of Web version

The DOWA group had been publishing Environment Reports since 2000; however, these reports were renamed to CSR Report in 2007, with social aspects added to it. In addition to CRS Report 2008, its Web version will be posted in the DOWA-CSR site with more details, in order to provide customers with more information in a more easy-to-understand way. (To be published in September 2008)
This report highlights and reports environmental conservation activities of the DOWA group, focusing on the some important points, in order to provide the entire image of those activities in an easy-to-understand way. For more details, please visit our Web site, especially for the information with the following marks.

CSR Report Web version@http://www.dowa-csr.jp


¡ Target Organizations

Some reports cover activities of the entire DOWA group, while other reports cover those of the group companies, based on reports from plants/offices directly under control of the DOWA group and companies in the group. * Offices and companies with 50 employees or more that are included in our consolidated accounting are selected in these reports as a rule.

¡ Target Areas to Report

The report covers current implementation status, result and future policy of the activities by the above mentioned organizations from the three aspects of gEconomyh, gSocietyh and gEnvironmental Conservationh.

¡ Target Audience

This report is intended for our customers, stockholders, clients, communities, researchers, students, employees and rating & evaluation agencies, governmental agencies, NPO and all stakeholders of the DOWA groupfs business activities.

¡ Target Period

The report covers from April 1, 2007 until March 31, 2008, partially including the past backgrounds and previous activities.
*Some results in this report may differ from those of the previous report, as a result of our detailed review of data and some modifications made.

¡ Reference Guidelines

EEnvironmental Reporting Guideline 2007 by Ministry of the Environment
EhSustainability Reporting Guideline Ver.3 ( G3)h of Global Reporting Initiative) Reference guidelines are posted in our Web site.