CSR Topics

Forest Management and New Afforestation - Aiming at Ensuring Biodiversity

Forests not only absorb and store CO2, contributing to prevention of global warming, but also have many functions, including conservation of biodiversity, mitigation of floods and draughts, purification of water, prevention of avalanches and mudslides as well as supplying valuable lumber.

However, existence of forests alone is not enough for those functions to work properly. Adequate forest management based on geographic characteristics is necessary. Maintenance activities are also important to foster trees and increase their CO2 storage capacities.

The DOWA group owns about 1,600 ha of forest all over Japan. We strive to prepare our forest management plan for 585 ha of our forests excluding manmade forests (acacia forests and plant greenery), conserve biodiversity and improve CO2 fixing activities.The management plan includes new afforestation, steady practice of tree thinning, multistoried afforestation and practice of long rotation forestry for maintaining healthy forests.

We are engaged in recovery of vegetation for our former mine tailings sites and riprap deposit sites of approx. 6 ha where vegetation is scarce, in addition to our planting activities of new 7,700 young trees



Enhancement of Our Environmental Business through CDM - New Project for Fighting Global Warming

We are committed to further promote the biodiesel project using recycled cooking oil in Okayama City and the CDM (clean development mechanism) business to collect methane gas from swine facilities in Philippines and use it for incineration disposal and energy use to fight global warming.
We strive to further enhance the DOWA groupfs environmental businesses by adding these projects to our existing efforts to contribute to fighting global warming.