Environmental report

Business Activities and Impact on the Environment INPUT & OUTPUT

The DOWA group conduct its business activities by considering the balance of materials and quantitatively understanding the balance of the input of energy and resources required in each stage of our business life cycle (INPUT) and the CO2 and wastes generated from its business activities (OUTPUT). We strive to understand the impact of our business activities on the earthfs environment and put proper measures in place to reduce environmental loads, by quantitatively understanding the loss of energy and resources in connection with production and processing activities.

The DOWA groupfs business activities are classified into two areas: Product making business that produces metal materials and semiconductors, and environmental business, focusing recycling and processing of wastes and purification of contaminated soil.

Wastes generated from the product manufacturing business are recycled and utilized as materials in the environmental business. In processing wastes in the environmental business, we effectively utilize energy generated when wastes are burnt, collect them as steam and electricity and use the energy for other processes. We conduct our business, being aware of resource-recycling, including mutual utilization of substances and energy within the group.