Social report

Together with Customers - Towards Improving Customer Satisfaction

Our Efforts towards Disclosure of Information

Our efforts towards disclosure of information include participation in environmental exhibitions and events, submission and contribution of theses to magazines, presentation at lectures, symposiums and on our website. We not only send out the information on our products or business descriptions but also publicize accident reports and explain construction work of our equipment and facilities prior to starting construction.

In addition, the DOWA group welcomes many visitors to its plants to show public that we are a company open to society. Plant visits are regarded as one of the important contact points between our company and its stakeholders. We explain our efforts towards safety and environment in addition to our business activities.

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Soil and groundwater exhibit Eco Products 2007 Plant visit to Kosaka Smelting and Refining

Towards Quality Improvement

We offer human resource education programs, training courses and study sessions, in order to raise each employeefs awareness of being gCustomer-orientedh and provide products and services that satisfy our customers.

Complaints and Inquiries

Each company of the DOWA group has contact points to receive complaints and comments from outside via email or telephone calls and educate employees to respond to those inquiries appropriately. We have also built an organizational structure that collect and analyze complaints from customers, prepare periodic reports for better customer satisfaction.