Environmental report

Environmental Performance - OUTPUT

Prevention of Air Pollution

Emission of exhaust gas was 8.323 billion m3 in 2007, a decrease of about 6% compared to last year. Specific emission unit per sale decreased about 10% compared to last year.

On the environmental load side, emission of sulfur oxides and ash dust significantly decreased compared to last year, through our efforts to use alternative fuels or utilization of waste heat.


Our Efforts towards Prevention of Air Pollution


EReduction of usage of heavy fuel oil boilers through effective use of heat generated from burnt wastes

EImprovement of process effectiveness

Prevention of Water Pollution

As for water quality, we strive to reduce waste water discharge by promoting recycling of water resource and process improvement. Through those efforts, quantity of waste water discharge in 2007 decreased by about 1% compared to last year.


Our Efforts towards Prevention of Water Pollution


EReduction of waste water discharge through process review

EReduction of waste water discharge through water recycling

ERecycling of waste water discharge through high level processing

Water Pollution Accident

Accident case reported by Akita Zinc Co., Ltd

Akita Zinc Co., Ltd of our group reported an accident of water pollution. On September 20, 2007, they stopped the operation of the roasting furnace for repairing. A cooling pipe of the gas cooling system of the furnace was clogged and strong acid liquid overflowed from the pipe into a separate sea water line and resulted in discharge into the ocean. Upon occurrence, they reported the accident immediately to those concerned and took measures to prevent discharge. We also analyzed water around the plant, and found the pollution value was below the limit stipulated by the law and the impact of the accident on water quality was not observed.

In order to prevent accidents from happening again, we improved the system and reviewed the organizational structure of management of the cooling system and offered further education to employees.

We sincerely apologize for the accident and the troubles caused to people around the plant and those concerned. We will take various measures to prevent these accidents from happening again.