DOWA Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2010

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Relationship with Employees

DOWA's Work/Life Balance

The DOWA group's work/life balance aims at both the "Improvement of Skill and Engagement" and "Work Life Balance." Through our "engagements" in life, linking with various HR systems, we strive to create the working environment where every employee can actively participate in his/her work and improve his/her quality and quantity of performance, and to continue to create a positive cycle of contributing the growth of the DOWA group.

Our Efforts for 2009

-Towards Realization of DOWA‘s Work/Life Balance-

In 2009, we prepared the action plan to nurture the next generation as part of our work life/balance efforts. We set up the following goals to make the workplace where employees can fully realize their potentials by balancing work and child raising.


To fully inform employees of the child raising support system and to increase the use of the system.

We aim at raising awareness on the 2008-revised child raising support system and increasing use of the system.


To reduce overtime working hours to shorten total actual working hours

Proper control of working hours is an important aspect not only in raising children but also in achieving both improvements of one's capability and aspirations as well as a work and life balance.


We will revise systems and promote activities that enable employees to build their carrier paths in a worry-free way and to communicate openly with supervisors and colleagues. We are also committed to preparing various in-house systems and welfare systems that will help employees improve their lifestyle. We strive to build working environments where employees can work safely.