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Relationship with Employees

Developing Human Resources

In 2009, we aimed at "Enhancing Onsite Power", focusing on the following points.
1 Promoting activities to enhance skills of our field forces   2 Fostering the climate to develop human resources

Our main activities include:

1. Promoting activities to enhance skills of our field forces

We promote these activities in cooperation with the technical department of DOWA Holdings. The activities are aligned with the department's "Field Improvements" activities. Our goal is to aim at a "company centering on technology", develop human resources and establish a mechanism that enables this goal at the level of our forces in the field so that we can survive global competition. We also aim at building a mechanism that allows more planned development of human resources and horizontal implementation of the mechanism across the company. Now we are working on the project with the following schedule.
In 2009, we started identifying the present status of development of human resources at the field level and sharing the information. We endeavor to continue to promote our activities to enhance skills of our forces in the field by defining actions and skills required from each employee by the company so that he/she can work with his/her future goal always in mind.


2.Fostering the corporate climate to develop human resources

While promoting activities to enhance skills of our forces in the field is a grass root activity, the plan for "fostering the corporate climate to develop human resources" is for DOWA's management who are critical developing human resources at the forefront. The main efforts are listed in the table to the right.

Training for Managers a.Labor Management
b.Coaching Skills

Nineteen young management candidates participated in the 2009 training program for managers, which lasted for six months. Candidates increased their labor management knowledge and also improved their coaching skills as well as their skills at reporting. In coaching training, on-the-job training was given to them in four separate training sessions so that they have chances to reflect on their knowledge in their actual working environment. The employees they supervised were surveyed before and after the training program to evaluate the effect of the training program. Eighty percent of the respondents evaluated the program favorably, saying that communication with them improved.
In addition to this program, the training for evaluators was conducted, targeted for manager-level employees across the company. We try to raise awareness of managers on development of human resources by encouraging them to evaluate their reports properly, from the standpoint of human resource development.

Employment and Treatment of Employees

Reconstruction of the Human Resource System


In 2009, we revised the DOWA Holdings' employee treatment system, aimed at building a system that enables our employees across the DOWA group to 1) improve their skills through work and achieve results and 2) receive compensation appropriate for their efforts. In order to put the system fully in place and make it function properly, it is very important to thoroughly inform employees of the system and employ the system in its fullest level.
Employee evaluation is important not only for treatment of employees but also for promoting communication in the workplace. We focused on the following efforts:

Our efforts to help employees to fully understand the human resource system will improve the overall strength of the DOWA group. We continue our efforts and improve upon them.


We conducted a survey to identify issues related to system and its operation and also to listen to the voices of employees. Some of the responses are as follows:

  • Isn't the employee evaluation used just for rating employees?
  • The process of the employee evaluation should be clear and transparent to employees.
  • More clear criteria should be set.

We will reflect the results of this survey in our efforts to improve the system.

Training for evaluators

We offered training sessions for evaluators who are in charge of evaluating the reports at 20 of our offices in Japan. Total 500 participants attended the sessions. The following are some of the survey results:

  • "It was a good chance to review the employee evaluation system of DOWA."
  • "I reconfirmed that evaluation should be directly linked to fostering each employee. It is important to observe the process of human development."

The training helped them to understand the system and reconfirmed the criteria of evaluation.


Aimed at a Work Environment Friendly to the Disabled

Act-B Recycling Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in recycling of home electric and electronic appliances in Minamata City, Kumamoto Prefecture. It offers a training place for the disabled to integrate with society. They disassemble appliances or develop products in collaboration together.
In September 2009, we opened a new worksite to disassemble office appliances and installed new lines for the disabled to work safely. Three disabled workers and one instructor come from neighboring vocational aid centers to disassemble notebook computers.
They are now able to work by themselves, as we installed special pneumatic screwdrivers to reduce the strain on their wrists and we prepared various-sized screwdrivers for them to choose without changing the bits. We also devised disassembling procedures that do not require blades and sharp edges. We used graphics for segregation of garbage so that they can easily understand which garbage goes into which tray. We will continue to think and work together with the disabled to make the worksite safe and easier for them.


Disassembling location


Garbage segregation trays with graphics


Pneumatic screwdrivers