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CSR Management

For the contribution to developing a sustainable society and conservation of global environment, corporate management focusing on all stakeholders holds the key in addition to the environmental activities.

Dowa Group, as a global company, aiming to be respected by the people both locally and globally, is committed to deliver value to all of our stakeholders through our business activities.

Relationship with stakeholders

Dowa Group communicates with our stakeholders, including our customers, shareholders, investors, partners, local communities and employees in many ways at each of our offices and business units.

Main stakeholders Our Responsibility Opportunities
Customers All customers who use the products and services offered by the DOWA group
  • Ensuring quality and safety of our products and services

  • Pursuit of customer satisfaction (CS)

  • Protection of customer information

  • Various seminars and exhibits

  • Plant visits

  • PR on environment Disclosure of information on our website

Shareholders Investors Individual or institutional investors including our shareholders
  • Maximization of our corporate value
  • Dividends
  • Disclosure of information and dialogue
  • General shareholders' meeting

  • Results briefing and periodic presentations to investors

  • Preparation of annual reports and business reports

  • Disclosure of information on our website

Partners All partners who collaborate with us for provision of the products and services offered by the DOWA group
  • Selection of procurement sources based on a fair and unbiased basis

  • Support for green procurement and environmental management

  • Various seminars and exhibits

  • Plant visits

  • Presentations to partners including green procurement

  • Quality and environment audit

  • Corporate ethics contacts

Local communities People in local communities who we interact with through our offices and main business activities
  • Environmental conservation activities

  • Contribution to regional development through support for cultural and sports activities

  • Educational activities

  • Disclosure of information and dialogue

  • Plant visits by local people
  • Participation in local groups
  • Hosting, participation in and support for local events
  • Risk communication
Employees (including their family members) Employees who work in the DOWA group and their family members
  • Proper evaluation and treatment

  • Ensuring diversified human resources

  • Promotion of work life balance

  • Ensuring safety and health of workplace

  • Human development

  • Respect for human rights

  • Management meeting

  • Management-labor interviews

  • Human resources and environment

  • In-house newslettersEcological events for family members of employees