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Questionnaire Results

Comments for the DOWA group's CSR Report 2009

Thank you for your comments and opinions for the questionnaire on "CSR Report 2009". We will use your comments and opinions in preparing this report and reflect them in our CSR activities of the DOWA group.

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  • Kids' pictures on the front page are very nice.
  • Use more graphs to visually impact us.
  • How about preparing the report and workshops involving stakeholders.

Improvements made in CSR Report 2010


Voices from Employees: Extracted from the training sessions for newly recruited employees of the DOWA group

In April 2010, CSR training sessions were held for newly recruited employees. They were given opportunities to evaluate explicitness and contents of CSR Report 2009 and also consider "What CSR means to DOWA" and "Future CSR activities of DOWA". Following are some of their voices:


What is DOWA's CSR?

  • To be a company that fosters society through its resource-recycling business activities and contributes to building a better society
  • To contribute to realizing "Resource-recycling Society", "Low Carbon Society" and "natural symbiosis Society".
  • To value society, customers and employees by balancing between economic activities and environmental conservation

Future CSR Activities

  • To present "what DOWA's CSR is" clearly and share the concept with all employees
  • To expand contribution to global environment in Asia