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CSR Management

Environmental & Social Goals and their Present Status

The DOWA group is engaged in various CSR activities, based on its medium-term environmental plan.

In 2009, we succeeded in development of eco-friendly products and achieved year-to year 5.6% reduction of CO2 emission. We also held a tree planting ceremony together with local people in Akita and Okayama prefectures.

Title Goal and Result Evaluation Link
To offer products and services which contribute to building up a resource-recycling society
  • Developed new products of "high strength copper alloy" that will replace beryllium alloy, which is hazardous to human health and the environment .

  • Succeeded in commercialization of "deep UV LED" with the world-class output that could be used for a wide range of application including photocatalyst, water purification and sterilization.

  • Established the mass production system of silver powders for photovoltaic panels.

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To reduce environmental impact and environmental risk in our business activities

Global Warming Measures
Medium-term goal: annual average 10% reduction of CO2 emission compared to 2006 during 2008 - 2012

  • CO2 emission 5.6% reduction compared to 2008
  • CO2 emission per production unit 6.5% increase compared to 2008
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Promotion of Afforestation

  • Maintenance of existing forests: 37.6 ha(Kosaka Area)
  • Planting of new saplings: 30,900 (Akita Prefecture), 700 (Okayama Prefecture)
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To Promote Environmental Conservation Activities Promotion of Enlightenment on Global Warming Measures
  • Giving away reusable "eco-bags" at the annual shareholder's meeting
  • Enlightenment activities through in-house journals.
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Biodiversity Initiatives
  • Biodiversity survey (vegetation control experiment)

  • Eco-event of "Parents and Children Environmental Classes" (at the headquarters in August)

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Activities Contributing to Local Communities
  • "Kosaka Home Town Afforestation" planting ceremony held (in Akita in October)
  • Tree fostering meeting (June), planting ceremony (December) and cherry blossom ceremony (March) of "Kojima Lake Blossom Corridor" (in Okayama Prefecture)
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External Environmental Education
  • Employees dispatched to elementary schools as lecturers for "Ohdate Exciting Science Project" (Total five times for 128 students)

  • Lectures on the environment, manufacturing and technology for local junior, and senior high-school students, and offered to them valuable work experience

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Our Vision to Fight Global Warming

The DOWA group set a goal of "10% reduction compared to 2006 during 2008 to 2012" as a goal to fight global warming and incorporated the goal in a business plan.


In addition to promoting energy saving in existing facilities and renewing existing power generation facilities and plants, we strive to conduct activities with a view to reduce CO2 by utilizing renewable energy and biodiesel and emission credits through the CDM business.

In the long term, we aim at being a carbon neutral company, thereby CO2 emission in connection with business activities is offset by reduction effect of global warming gasses, through our efforts to reduce CO2 emission in business activities and reduce global warming gasses in the CFC destruction business.