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Relationship with Employees

Feature Summer Environmental Event for Families

"Summer Environmental Event for Families" was held at Dowa's head office in Akihabara on Friday August 28, 2009. This event launched in 2008, a date which coincided with the award ceremony shown on the top cover page of the CSR report. This award ceremony was intended for the employees and families of the Dowa Group to increase their interest in environmental issues. The event is held in weekdays during summer vacation. Children are therefore able to visit the offices of their fathers and mothers. This year's theme is "Biological Diversity." A "Company tour & Creature quiz rally" and "Dolphin workshops" were held to improve ecological awareness for our young people.

Thinking about Biological Diversity

The event started with a lecture titled as "Let's protect our friends" as the theme of Biological Diversity. Researchers of E&E solutions, Inc. of the DOWA group showed photographs and graphics of endangered species such as polar bears and Steller's sea eagles to the kids and explained the issues of nonnative species.

Learning About Dolphins and Making Them!

Members of the staff of ICERC Japan (International Cetacean Education Research Centre*) taught Dowa employees and families about the differences between dolphins and whales. A quiz was also given to them which offered them additional information such as how large the humpback whale is.
At the end, they made dolphins out of light clay. Parents and kids made, "Your own original dolphin-only one in the world".

* ICERC Japan website


What Kind of Workplace Do Fathers and Mothers Work?

After children received a briefing on a day of their parents in their workplaces in the DOWA group, they visited their workplaces and participated in a quiz stamp rally.
During the visit, they learned how DOWA offices function, including desk sharing system and the security system of vein authentication.

For the stamp rally, total of five questions were asked at the checkpoints: for example, how many employees work at the head offices and how much 2 is emitted from the office, etc. They enjoyed the rally together with their friends and family members.

Award Ceremony of the Drawings for DOWA Kids Museum in the CSR Report

At the conference room of the ecological event, all the entries for the drawing contest of the cover page of CSR report 2009 were exhibited. The drawings were full of free imagination and colors of the children on the topic of "Biological Diversity." At the end of the event, the winners received award certificates and commemorative gifts. Then, they took a ceremonial photograph with Mr. Yoshikawa, CEO of Dowa Holdings Co., Ltd. and Mr. Yamada, President.

All the entries were displayed at the reception area of the head office from September to December 2009 and visitors enjoyed seeing them. And also all of them are posted at DOWA-CSR site as DOWA Kids museum. *

*DOWA Kids museum

Participants' voice

Participants' voice

  • It was a great opportunity for my boy to feel familiar with his father's workplace.
  • We were given an opportunity to think about environmental issues at the end of the summer vacation.
  • The stamp rally quiz was a bit difficult.
  • It was very interesting to visit the office. It was a good opportunity for children to think about jobs and environments.
  • I enjoyed making my own dolphin!

In 2009, there were many applications for the event and approximately 80 employees and their family members participated in the ecological event, which is almost double the number last year. We receive delightful comments from participants, saying such things as:"It was fun" or "I want to join the event again." It was a wonderful day also for the organizing staff members.