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Editorial Line

DOWA CSR Report 2010 is intended to report major 2009 business activities of DOWA group in an easy-to-understand way to all stakeholders.

This report focuses on DOWA's major efforts of delivering value through business activities, resource recycling and countermeasures for global warming. Other information not found in this report is posted in DOWA's website for more timely announcements of information and reduction of paper used for printed reports.

(1)Areas covered in this report

Target Organizations

DOWA Holdings and subsidiaries (both in Japan and abroad) that are included in our consolidated accounting are selected in these reports (See this page). The following five subsidiaries were added to our group; in 2009.

In Japan Meltec Co., Ltd.  
Abroad Thailand Bangpoo Environmental Complex Co.,Ltd.
Eastern Seaboard Environmental Complex Co.,Ltd.
Singapore Technochem Environmental Complex Pte Ltd.
Indonesia PT. Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri.

Data on our environmental performance and some of our efforts are only associated to DOWA Holdings and other major companies of the group

Target Areas to Report

The report covers current implementation status, result and future policy of the activities by the above mentioned organizations from three viewpoints: the Economy, Society, and Environmental Conservation

Target Audience

This report is intended for our customers, stockholders, clients, communities, researchers, students, employees and rating & evaluation agencies, governmental agencies, NPOs, and all stakeholders of the DOWA group's business activities.

Target Period

The report covers from April 1, 2009 until March 31, 2010, partially including the past backgrounds and previous activities.

Note: Some results in this report may differ from those of the previous report, as a result of our detailed review of data and minor modifications were made.

Future Forecast, Plan and Goals

This report contains not only the facts at present and in the past, but also future forecasts, estimates or projections of the DOWA group. These forecasts, estimated or projections are assumptions or judgment that are based on the information available at the time of printing and therefore contains some uncertainty. Therefore, actual results or events may differ from those predicted in this report.

Reference Guidelines

  • Environmental Reporting Guideline 2007 by Ministry of the Environment
  • "2006 Sustainability Reporting Guideline (G3)" of the Global Reporting Initiative
  • UN Global Compact Guidelines on Communication on Progress Reference guidelines are posted in our website

(2)Publishing of web version

This report highlights and reports environmental conservation activities of the DOWA group, focusing on the some important points, to provide an overview of those activities in an easy-to-understand way. For more details, please visit our website, especially for the information with the following marks (To be posted in September).

CSR Report Web version