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Basic Environment Policy

The DOWA group positions its commitment to environmental conservation as one of the most important issues in conducting our business.

We prepared the Basic Environmental Policy based on the two following concepts:
1) "We must improve environment through our business activities and hand over the sound earth environment to the next generation," and 2) "We strive to establish fairness and honesty in each employee's action and awareness by considering what is good for the earth's environment and local communities through daily activities and practice activities valued by local people."

DOWAグループのBasic Environment Policy

The DOWA group shall strive to create the resource-recycling society and shall aim to hand-over the sound global environment to the next generation through our business activities.

  1. We will provide our customers (clients and local communities) with products and services, which contribute to building a resource-recycling society.
  2. We will minimize the environmental impact and environmental risks in our business activities.
  3. We will work on environmental conservation activities across the entire company from the management level to employees together.

We will put forth our efforts as stated below, based on the Basic Environmental Policy.

"Providing products and services which contribute to strengthening our resource-recycling society"

We will evaluate the impact of our products and business activities on the environment though Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), review proposals using the environment evaluation index and promote expansion of environmentally-friendly products and services.

"Minimizing environmental impact and environmental risk in our business activities"

We aim at achieving average 10% reduction of CO2 emission from that of 2006, during the period from 2008 through 2012 as a measure to reduce global warming, and strengthening measures focusing on energy saving. Each company in our group will prepare an Environmentally Conscious Business Management plan to establish a system that allows implementation of the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.

"Working on environmental conservation activities across the entire company from the management level to employees together"

We are committed to promote environmental conservation activities across the company and raise awareness of employees for environmental conservation activities.