Materiality Targets (KPI)

Themes Key Measures Indicators FY2022
Targets Related Information
The Environment Materiality 1
Creating a resource-recycling society
Increase collection of recycled raw materials Volume of recycled raw materials collected by Kosaka Smelting & Refining
(FY2021 = 100)
108 110
Resource Recycling Initiatives
Volume of spent catalysts from automobile exhaust purification collected
(FY2021 = 100)
89 140
Volume of recycled for used Lithium-Ion Batteries
(FY2021 = 100)
173 400
Increase ratio of metals derived from recycled raw materials Ratio of metals derived from recycling that are used in production
(based on sales in the Nonferrous Metals Business)(*)
59% 70%
Materiality 2
Enhancing products and services that reduce social and environmental risks
Sales expansion of major products and services based on customer needs Progress of Mid-term Plan 2024 Policy
(Investors site)
Materiality 3
Responding to climate change
Promoting company-wide climate change measures Creating a system to promote climate change responses Continuing a Climate Change Committee
(Once a month)
– Publication of a TCFD report
– Creating roadmaps for climate change countermeasures
Climate Change Initiatives
Establishing company-wide policies and targets for climate change responses Creating roadmaps for climate change countermeasures
TCFD initiatives Publication of a TCFD report
(May, 2022)
Materiality 4
Protecting the environment
Establishment of an environmental management system
(Establish and maintain an ISO14001- or EA21- compliant systems)
Ratio of business locations operating under DOWA’s EHS-MS (environment, health, and safety management system)
(At ISO-certified locations)
74% 100%
(by March 31, 2025)
Environmental Management Initiatives
Improvement of risk management
(Minimize risk of environmental accidents and improve response capabilities)
Number of environmental accidents 2 0
Social Materiality 5
Ensuring occupational safety and health
Improvement of management system Ratio of business locations operating under the EHS-MS 7% 100%
Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives
Prevention of recurrence of work-related accidents Frequency rate
(including dispatch workers, excluding contractors)
1.22 0.7
Severity rate
(including dispatch workers, excluding contractors)
1.16 0.01
Promotion of health management
Encourage employees to take medical examinations
Ratio of employees who received regular medical examinations 91.2%
(Tokyo district)
Materiality 6
Increasing organizational power
(including promotion of diversity, job security, and human resource development)
Reduction of resignation rate Average retention rate three years after joining the Company (for new graduates at DOWA Holdings) 85% Maintain 100% rate Human Resource Development Initiatives
Degree of survey coverage Start to conduct surveys Conduct surveys on a regular basis
Disclosure of Policy for Human Resources Development
Formulate policy and disseminate via the DOWA corporate website and the in-Company portal site
Formulation of policy and disclosure inside and outside the Company Formulation of policy and disclosure inside and outside the Company
(October, 2022)
Announce and disseminate policy
Development of global human resources
Build a system to impart basic knowledge necessary for overseas assignments to be implemented one year prior to assignment
Implementation of preassignment education and expansion to include post-assignment education Start to implementation of post-assignment education Continue implementation of educational programs
Greater support for balancing childcare and nursing care with work
Provide support that will encourage more men to take childcare leave
Increase in the ratio of men that take childcare leave 61.7% 100%
(FY 2024)
Employment, Labor, and Diversity Initiatives
Reduction of working hours
Manage total working hours and establish targets for the taking of annual paid leave
Increase in the ratio of annual paid leave days taken 79.5% 80% or higher
Promotion of the participation and advancement of women Increase in the ratio of new hires who are women
(DOWA Holdings)
32% 30% or higher
Promotion of the participation and advancement of employees up to the age of 65 Introduction of an option to postpone retirement Introduction to major business subsidiaries Introduce a group-wide system
Protection of human rights Elimination of harassment Implementation of harassment training Continue to implement training
Promotion of the participation and advancement of people with disabilities Ratio of employment of people with disabilities 2.7%
(DOWA Holdings)
2.3% or higher
Governance Materiality 7
Promoting risk management
Creation of an ISO 9001- or OHSAS-compliant system Compliance rate of business locations that create products 78% 80%
Quality Control Initiatives
Establishment of quality assurance education Number of participants 169 350 in total
Materiality 8
Strengthening corporate governance
Developing and operating effective and efficient internal systems Corporate Governance Initiatives
Materiality 9
Driving DX (data utilization)
Build IT infrastructure Operation of a group-wide cloud platform Conduct operational testing, Start of user training Start operation in the second half of FY2023 DX (Digital Transformation) Initiatives
Develop DX-proficient human resources Number of personnel trained 67 80 in total
(FY2022 to FY2024)

(*)”Recycled raw materials” includes secondary smelting raw materials other than recycled raw materials for Kosaka Smelting & Refining