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Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety is one of the most important themes in the development of DOWA’s business. Based on the basic philosophy, “safety takes priority over everything,” we formulated CSR management plans for all business sites in Japan and overseas, and are conducting safety activities based on our annual plan.

Occupational Safety Initiatives

For the DOWA Group, we are developing various safety activities based on an annual health and safety plan.

Safety Management System

The DOWA Group’s environmental and safety management activities are led by the director of DOWA Holdings in charge of the environment and safety. Moreover, these activities are promoted in cooperation with the Environment & Safety Department and with safety and environment personnel appointed by each operating company that conducts environmental conservation activities. While arranging and coordinating all of the operating companies, DOWA Holdings implements safety promotion activities for the entire Group.

Safety & Environment Personnel Council

The Safety & Environment Personnel Council is composed of a representative from the Environment & Safety Department and a representative from each operating and technical support company. It convenes every month to discuss the promotion of Companywide safety activities, share activities of each Group company, and provide mutual support. In the event of an accident, the council confirms the facts surrounding the situation, investigates the causes, discusses emergency and permanent measures to deal with it, and then provides feedback. For matters such as agenda items or measures decided by the council, instructions are delivered by those in charge to each operating subsidiary, with a mechanism in place for prompt information sharing.

Safety & Environment Personnel Council
Regional Safety Council

The Regional Safety Council has been set up as a place for communication, allowing members from each region to share examples of safety-related activities and ideas and consult with one another. The council is endeavoring to boost the level of safety-related activities by helping establish cooperative relationships in different business fields.

Safety Audits for New Businesses

The DOWA Group conducts safety audits for newly established businesses. Additionally, we perform design and construction for new businesses based on the DOWA Technical Manufacturing Standard (DTMS), a facility procurement manual containing standardized rules for each stage of the process, including construction conceptualization and both basic and detailed design. Furthermore, once a plant is completed and prior to the commencement of operations, we use a checklist to evaluate the status of necessary systems in order to ensure any anticipated environmental and occupational health and safety risk has been dealt with and to ascertain whether there is a proper understanding of residual risks and that proper countermeasures have been put in place. After this process, confirmation and guidance are provided. We make sure to follow up on any issues that have been highlighted and confirm that steps are being taken to improve the situation.

Human Resource Development through Safety Education

The Environment and Safety Department strives to provide human resource development that will boost employees’ capabilities and improve compliance and risk assessments. In order to improve the safety of companies, plants and workplaces, it is important to have an understanding of what employees need to know in terms of safety according to their position and responsibilities. Therefore, the Environment and Safety Department has worked with the Human Resources Department to review and improve the safety education contained in the Group’s training program and to make sure the content is better suited to each employee rank.

Work-Related Accidents

The number of work-related accidents at the DOWA Group as a whole has been declining over the long term. The Environment and Safety Department conducts an analysis of accidents to determine what types of work, what age demographics, and which locations are prone to work-related accidents and then gives guidance as a priority task.

Priority Guidance for Locations with High Numbers of Accidents

The Safety and Environment Personnel Council provides support and guidance to business locations with a high frequency of work-related accidents to help improve their safety systems. The committee incorporates the objective perspectives of outside consultants as it carries out safety audits, performs diagnostics on health and safety, promotes improvements and strives to increase safety.