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Quality Control

At the DOWA Group, we position quality as an important management standard for manufacturing. Major manufacturing plants have obtained ISO 9001 certification for our quality management systems, the international standard for these systems. In addition, as an initiative to strengthen quality control, we endeavor to confirm the quality of procured items. In cooperation with suppliers, we aim to ensure that raw materials and auxiliary materials are suitable from quality and technological standpoints by implementing supplier surveys and inspections at appropriate intervals.

The Quality Assurance System

The DOWA Group has established a quality assurance system tailored to each base. However, to enhance quality risk management on a Groupwide basis, we established the Quality Assurance Department at DOWA Holdings in April 2021 and have transitioned toward integrated risk management led by the head office.

Regarding employee education, we have created a Companywide education system that includes governance and compliance training, which is in contrast to our previous approach to education, via which quality-related education was handled by operating companies and plants on an individual basis. In addition, we have introduced cross-sectional quality-related education to quality assurance managers as well as quality-related compliance training to new employees hired by DOWA Holdings.

Response to Comments and Opinions

With regards to opinions and inquiries that we have received from customers, we strive to supply satisfactory products by aiming to promptly improve appropriately. We aim to improve the information sharing and management system, and we classify, analyze and evaluate the information gathered at each business site, which leads to development and improvement of our products and services.