Sustainability Management

Quality Assurance Policy

All employees at the DOWA Group will continue to strive to improve technology and quality together to provide good materials, products, and services, actively respond to customer needs, and contribute to enhancing society.

  1. We aim to provide high quality materials, products, and services to meet social demand and customer needs through active communication with customers.
  2. We aim to improve quality and service, considering safety and the environment at all stages of the manufacturing process from design and development to manufacturing and delivery.
  3. We will provide quality that satisfies customers by establishing, maintaining, and continuously improving quality control and quality assurance mechanisms.
  4. We will comply with laws and regulations in Japan and overseas and make sure to meet customers’ requirements and implement contracts.
  5. We will continue to develop human resources engaging in quality assurance and compliance and strive to enhance technology and the capabilities of human resources.