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DX (Digital Transformation)

The Dowa Group recognizes that it is essential to promote data utilization through the use of digital technologies including AI and IoT in order to transform manufacturing, the foundation of the Dowa Group’s business, and to evolve its operations and business activities. Based on this recognition, the Group formed a project team for DX promotion in fiscal 2021, and has been proceeding with Groupwide efforts to prepare for DX promotion.
Based on DOWA Transformation, the Group’s Basic DX Policy, we will promote DX by improving IT infrastructure, bolstering security and cultivating DX-proficient human resources.

DX Basic Policy

The Basic DX Policy was established to advance the provision of materials and technologies exhibiting excellent resource recyclability and continually contribute to the development of a reassuring future by promoting DX and developing unique, improved and more sophisticated recycling-oriented business models.

Manufacturing transformation (DOWA Transformation)

DX promotion structure

In April 2022, we formed the Sustainability Subcommittee DX Promotion Working Group, which is directly linked to management. The DX Promotion Working Group sets targets related to improved such as AI and IoT, checks the needs, issues and progress on DX projects underway at each operating site, and provides resources and other support in accordance with management instructions from the Sustainability Committee.

DX Promotion Under the Midterm Plan 2024

The Dowa Group will improve IT infrastructure, bolster security and cultivate DX-proficient human resources as key measures to promote the DX Business Strategy, and make Groupwide efforts to promote DX. A common Groupwide cloud-based infrastructure will enter operation from the second half of fiscal 2023. This will promote data utilization spanning the business and inter-process data linkage, marking the full-scale start of DX in the Dowa Group.