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Reduction of Environmental Burdens and Risks from Business Activities


Environment:Focus Measures

Our activities towards Biodiversity

DOWA enjoys the blessings of nature through purchasing raw materials and consuming water and energy, but, on the other hand, our business activities affect nature directly and indirectly in terms of emission of wastes, effluent, chemical substances and CO2. We recognize both sides of our business and conduct our business activities in a way to contribute to biodiversity and environmental conservation.

Sustainable Use of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service

Our activities on biodiversity and ecosystem conservation have been concentrated on protection of nature and local contribution through management of our own forests and planting trees. We once destroyed forests in our mining business. Greening and reconstruction of vegetation of those areas is our mission and we have been actively engaged in those activities. These conservation activities also played a great role to increase communication and exchange between DOWA and local communities.

Increasing importance of biodiversity requires business to quickly respond to conservation needs and sustainable use of biodiversity.

For this purpose we formulated DOWA's basic policy and course of action of biodiversity in 2013. We will help make our employees understand the relationship between our business activities and the ecosystem as well as trends on biodiversity. We also will reflect the contents of the policy and the course of action into our business activities across the group.

The Basic Policy of Biodiversity
DOWA recognizes that it enjoys the blessings of nature brought by biodiversity for its business activities and that it is important to conserve biodiversity to enjoy them on a sustainable basis. DOWA strives to continuously and vigorously promote biodiversity conservation and its sustainable use.

Our Action Policy on Biodiversity Conservation

  1. Identification of business impacts on biodiversity and implementation of activities
    We identify and analyze what type of ecosystem services* our business activities depend and have impact on, and make an effort to avoid and reduce the impacts.
  2. Awareness of employees
    We carry out education and awareness-raising of biodiversity on our employees.
  3. Corporate management for sound material cycles
    We strive to create a culture of sound material cycles through sustainable resources use, energy saving and 3R, and to conserve biodiversity through such comprehensive business activities.
  4. Collaboration with various stakeholders
    We promote communication and information sharing on biodiversity conservation, and seek sustainable use of biodiversity with various stakeholders related to our business activities.

In 2014 we will review which activities we should place priority on; how we should conserve biodiversity from the standpoint of relationship between our business activities and ecosystem.

We will continue to hold a tree-planting ceremony and educational courses on forests for parents and children, in cooperation with local communities to deepen their understanding of our business and ecosystem conservation activities.

We will conduct multidimensional activities including CSR procurement through our supply chain and understanding of risks involving water that is our very important natural resource.