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CSR Policy and Plan

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CSR Policy and Focus Measures

The DOWA group's CSR Policy was prepared to promote CSR activities from a long-term point of view, based on the Dowa Group's Corporate Philosophy and Standards of Conduct, referring to the rules of United Nations Global Compact guidelines. We will carry out our responsibilities for society through our CSR activities with the management based on this policy. We endeavor to share the policy across the whole group, utilizing the group's in-house newsletters and the Intranet to implement our CSR efforts in a practical manner.

We evaluated ourselves based on the key focus of ISO 26000 when we set forth our CSR Policy. We then set forth a priority list of CSR that the DOWA group should address in implementing the policy. We are committed to promoting sound business management through implementation of the policy as a responsible company.

  CSR Policy Focus Measures
  • We will aim to be an open and transparent company.
  • We will endeavor in anti-corruption efforts including anti-bribery measures taking into consideration international agreement.
  • We will take CSR into consideration in our procurement.
  • We will strengthen internal control and governance
  • We will prepare the CSR procurement guidelines.
  • All employees will take part spontaneously in safety activities to improve the level of health and safety in the workplace, based on our basic philosophy of "Safety is the top priority."
  • We are committed to preventing accidents at work and supporting health of our employees.
  • We will improve our risk assessment.
  • We will enhance our safety education program throughout the group.
  • We will provide customers with products and services that contribute to building a resourcerecycling society.
  • We will reduce environmental burdens and risks in our business activities.
  • The management and employees together take part in environmental conservation activities.
  • We will promote business activities considering biodiversity.
  • We will promote environmentallyfriendly products and renewable energy fields.
  • We will conduct a survey on biodiversity and prepare guidelines.
  • We will promote social contributions, reflecting unique characteristics of each local community.
  • We will promote diversity and worklife balance.
  • We will promote CSR education.
  • We will contribute to local community.

Main Activities in 2013

The DOWA group sets up the goals of our CSR activities in four areas, based on our CSR Policy and Priority List of CSR to promote CSR activities.

We will continue to improve our activities, based on our achievements and progresses made in 2013. We will report the details of major initiatives in 2013 and major issues in 2014 on the next page and for each initiative.

<Main activities in 2013>

Focus Goal Measures Evaluation* Main Results Page
Governance Strengthening of internal control and governance Enhancement of internal control of overseas business establishments A
  • Support for internal control activities of newly in cooperated companies to our consolidated accounting
  • Encouragement to visit to our business establishments in China and South East Asia for training 
  • Conducting a briefing on internal control (approximately 260 persons participated)
Promotion of CSR procurement Formulation of CSR Procurement Policy A+
  • Preparation of the basic policy on procuring conflict minerals
  • Obtained Certificate for the Gold Conflict-Free Smelter program
  • Preparation and publication of CSR Procurement Policy
Promotion of CSR activities across the group - - -  
Safety Enhancement of risk management Starting up of the Group Safety Activity Project A
  • Briefing across the group (Kick off meeting)
  • Starting up of district meetings
Enhancement of safety education program throughout the group Strengthening the programs outside Japan A
  • Support for safety activities on logistics in South East Asia
  • Improvement of activities related to Safety Conference in China
Continuous implementation of educational courses to experience risks A
  • Support for educational courses to experience risks (306 persons took the course.)
Environment Global warming measures Reduction of total amount of greenhouse gas emission C
  • Emission of greenhouse gas: 1.718 million CO2 ton. Emission of greenhouse gas for domestic companies: 16% increase compared to last year
Promotion of information sharing on global warming measures in the group B
  • Questionnaire on progress status of global warming measures by business entity and present status
Promoting resourcerecycling Enhanced development of recycling technologies A
  • Increased production of silver
  • Improvement of copper electrolytic techniques
  • Increased collection of materials for recycling from North America and Asia
Promoting environmentally-friendly products and renewable energy fields Selection of LCA items C
  • LCA not implemented
  • Increased production of metal ceramic PCB for renewable energy related products
  • Increased orders related to solar power generation and offshore wind generation in the environmental consulting field
Conservation of biodiversity Formulation of Biodiversity Conservation Policy A+
  • Conducted biodiversity survey and formulated biodiversity conservation guideline
Continuous afforestation and forest management A
  • Promotion of Forest management (Planted 5,400 broad-leaf trees in Kosaka-machi, Akita Prefecture and promotion of forest management)
Society Promoting diversity management Promoting employment of elderly people A
  • Revision of the re-employment system to hire experienced retired employees for them to work with motivation across the group.
Promoting employment of disabled people B
  • Implemented measures to achieve the legally stipulated employment rate Increased number of re-employed employees after mandatory retirement
Promotion of work-life balance Preparation of the action plan to support fostering the next generation A
  • Preparation and publication of the action plan to support fostering the next generation
    • Raising awareness of childcare program 
    • Promotion of joint efforts of labor and management to reduce working hours and thorough management of working hours by introducing a new system
  • Implementing the questionnaire to the newly employed
  • Implementing initiatives to increase the number of employees to take paid leaves of absence, including scheduled annual leaves of absence
Contribution to local communities Promoting social contribution, reflecting unique characteristics of each local community A
  • Collecting information on local contribution by business entities outside Japan
  • Holding and operating events with local communities (Marathon, cross-country ski competition, cherry blossom festival)
Promoting in-house CSR education Improvement of in-house CSR portal site A
  • Publication of E-mail news
  • Publishing explanation on focus measures of CSR (CSR procurement or safety labor, etc.)

*Evaluation: A+: More than expected, A: accomplished, B: Fair, C: Not Accomplished