The DOWA regards environmental conservation as a key issue in our business management and is committed to its promotion. In our environmental activities we are responding to environmental and social issues directly through our main business and at the same time we are reducing the environmental burden produced by our business. We will strive for environmental conservation and to create economic value of the conservation activity at the same time.

CSR Policy

  • We will provide customers with products and services that contribute to building a resource-recycling society.
  • We will reduce environmental burdens and risks in our business activities.
  • The management and employees together take part in environmental conservation activities.
  • We will promote business activities considering biodiversity.

Progress of Activities

Following is the progress of social activities and issues in FY2014 and plans for 2015.

2014< Results >

Focus Measures
Issues Target Evaluation Main results
Global warming Total greenhouse gas emissions reduction Gross emissions B Total greenhouse gas emissions CO2 Equivalent 1,740 tons
Total greenhouse gas emissions in Japan Year-on-year 0.3% increase
Increase in renewable energy power generation (solar and hydro) Electric-generating capacity B Solar power increased 304MWh Year-on-year increase of 1%
Hydroelectric power decreased 63GWh Year-on-year decrease of 6%
Sharing by visualization of information System Introduction B System introduced already, full-scale operation since FY2015
Promotion of resources recycling Expansion of material recycling Recycling volume B Slight increase in spent catalyst shipment volume
Strengthening of the collection utilizing overseas bases
Expansion into environmentally friendly products and new energy field Increased sales in renewable energy field Sales A Increased silver powder sales volume (First half 100%, Second half 135%)
Increased number of orders for solar related business
Offshore wind EIA conducted.
Conservation of biodiversity Implementation of biodiversity conservation current situation survey
Implementation of the water risk assessment
Survey and evaluation implementation B Biodiversity survey planned in FY2015
Water risk assessment carried out
Continued implementation of forest development and management Number of trees planted A About 5,000 trees planted in Kosaka in Akita Prefecture

* Evaluation: A: Accomplished, B: Fair

2015<Initiatives and Goals >


Our activities towards Biodiversity

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