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CSR Policy and Plan

Strengthening Initiatives for Realizing the "Vision"

We revised the CSR policy and established new mid-term goals in FY2014 to strengthen CSR activities through business activities. While formulating the mid-term goals, we reviewed the activity achievements and progress made so far. Also, we compiled the midterm goals according to 4 areas in collaboration with the relevant departments, based on the risk assessment of business entities within and outside Japan and stakeholder questionnaire results. In this plan, "Vision for 2020" is positioned as the mid-term goal, and the issues to be addressed on priority for the vision are positioned as focus measures, and initiatives and goals of a single fiscal year are positioned as the activity plan towards its realization. These initiatives will start along with the first fiscal year of the new mid-term plan of 2015.

CSR Policy and Plan

"Vision for 2020"

"S+ESG" management based on the CSR policy is established in all DOWA group companies, and we are able to contribute to resolving global social concerns, through minimization of management risks and improvement of corporate value at the same time.

CSR Policy Mid-term Goals
"Vision for 2020"
Focus Measures Target FY2020
FY2015 Activity Plan
Initiatives Goal
  • We will aim to be an open and transparent company.
  • We will endeavor in anti-corruption efforts including anti-bribery measures taking into consideration of the international agreement.
  • We will take CSR into consideration in our procurement.
Healthy business management is promoted by ensuring sufficient functions, appropriate information disclosure and transparency in the internal control system Strengthening of internal control and governance No. of impor tant deficiencies to be disclosed 0 Creation of internal control handbook
Implementation of regular education in and outside Japan
Briefings in and outside Japan
– 10 times
Business management which does not give rise to fraud and corruption of any kind is promoted, by individual employees carrying out appropriate activities based on the "Dowa Group’s Values and Standards of Conduct". Strengthening of compliance and risk management Implementation rate of internal education and briefings 100% Strengthening of internal control and compliance education
Strengthening the effectiveness of BCP
Briefing implementation rate 100%
CSR is promoted throughout the supply chain by building partnerships with business connections CSR procurement promotion Suppliersurvey coverage rate
*Excludes contractors
Transaction amount base 80% Implementation of supplier questionnaire 100 major companies
  • All employees will take part spontaneously in safety activities to improve the level of health and safety in the workplace, based on our basic philosophy of "Safety is the top priority."
  • We are committed to preventing accidents at work and to supporting health of our employees.
The occupational safety risks of the workplace are managed and minimized appropriately, and a comfortable and safe working environment is realized Raising the company-wide safety level Frequency rate
Severity rate
0.1 or less
0.01 or less
Strengthening of transverse initiatives in district units Frequency rate 1.0 or less
Severity rate 0.02 or less
Strengthening of safety education in subsidiaries outside Japan No. of times education is implemented
No. of persons educated
Total 20 times
Total 200 persons
Continued implementation of education by visiting Japan and education by dispatching the trainer No. of times: 5 times

No. of persons: 50 persons
  • We will provide customers with products and services that contribute to building a resource recycling society.
  • We will reduce environmental burdens and risks in our business activities.
  • The management and employees together take part in environmental conservation activities.
  • We will promote business activities considering biodiversity.
Responsible for the core of the international resources recycling network in Asia and the Pacific rim area Strengthening of recycle business: Collection volume / Recycling volume / Increase in no. of elements etc. Collection volume of materials for recycling Increase from the preceding fiscal year Strengthening of collection of materials for recycling outside Japan Increase from the preceding fiscal year
Effective reduction of specific CO2 emissions per unit has beenis achieved by various energy saving measures and active use of renewable energy Improving the utilization rate of renewable energy
Strengthening energy saving initiatives
Emission amount of CO2 emissions per unit 15% reduction as compared to FY1990 Reduction in business entities with large-scale emissions Investigate potential, etc. 1% reduction from the preceding fiscal year
The environmental risks of the workplace are managed properly, and environmental accident-generation risks are minimized Minimization of environmental accidents risk and strengthening of response capabilities
*Environmental accidents: Incidents whose impact is felt outside the company, and reported to the competent administration
No. of environmental accident occurrences 0 Establishment of environmental risk assessment Guidance by visiting business entity 5
Biodiversity conservation activities are promoted in collaboration with the upstream and downstream of the supply chain Understanding of biodiversity risks of suppliers
Status confirmation of biodiversity considerations in mines
Suppliers and mines survey rate 100% Formulation and execution of conservation action plan Plan formulation and execution
  • We will aim to create a workplace where diversity and human rights of employees are respected, and each person can demonstrate maximum capacity with satisfaction and pride
While diverse human resources mutually respect each other, employees themselves select the diverse work styles commensurate with their respective life stages and styles, and the company and teams support each other Promoting diversity management Employment of disabled people
Promotion of participation by women
Education attendance rate
Expansion of a global human resources layer
Strengthening training of employees hired locally overseas
Active expansion of mid-career hiring
Holding in-house gatherings towards promoting participation by women



Promoting work-life balance Annual paid leave acquisition rate 70%
Thorough publicity within the company of the various systems
Encouragement of annual leave consumption
Promotion of measures to reduce working hours




A culture of fair evaluation & treatment, and fostering is established, and employees experience growth, results and satisfaction. And, an organization in which employees compete with each other and support each other is created by the employees themselves Training of both appraisers and persons being appraised
Strengthening in-house education of human resources
Voluntary career development support for employees
Employee satisfaction (Business planning system) (Education system and content) 90%
Implementing training of appraisers and persons being appraised
Conducting system surveys
Expanded education of the layer targeted for in-house education
Development of a training system for stratified education
Appraisersand persons being appraised - No. of participants in the training 600 persons
  • We will promote social contributions, reflecting unique characteristics of each local community
Social contributions reflecting each local community are deployed in Japan and outside Japan Promoting social contribution - - In-house publicity of advanced cases of business entities outside Japan
Supporting business entity initiatives
Information sharing by portal site

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