To continue to be a company that is trusted by the society, the DOWA group has positioned strengthening of corporate governance as a key management issue, and is working on it based on "Dowa Group’s Values and Standards of Conduct"

CSR Policy

  • We will aim to be an open and transparent company.
  • We will endeavor in anti-corruption efforts including anti-bribery measures taking into consideration international agreements.
  • We will take CSR into consideration in our procurement.

Progress of Activities

Following is the progress of our corporate governance activities and issues in FY2014 and plans for 2015.

2014< Results >

Corporate governance
Focus Measures
Issues Target Evaluation Main Results
Strengthening of internal control and governance Support activities for individual business establishments in and outside Japan 10 business establishments in and outside Japan A Japan: Visited 14 business establishments, and held briefings at 7 locations
Outside Japan: Visited 15 business establishments in North America, Southeast Asia and China
Promotion of CSR procurement Preparation of CSR procurement guideline - A Preparation complete (Created in Japanese, English, Chinese and Thai)
Promotion of in-house CSR procurement education Holding a briefing A Briefings were conducted in 8 business establishments in and outside Japan
Operation of conflict minerals management system - B Management manual is under preparation, in-house liaison meeting has not been held yet
Promotion of CSR activities across the group Establishment of mid-term CSR goals
Review of focus measures

A Already established and reviewed while formulating the company-wide mid-term plan

2015< Initiatives and Goals >


CSR Procurement

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