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We will contribute to resolving problems of global society through further overseas expansion and development into growth markets.

President and representative director,
DOWA Holdings, Co., Ltd.
Masao Yamada
Masao Yamada

Contributing to Resolving Problems of Global Society through Five Core Businesses

Promote Business Activities While Responding to Changes with Agility

We at DOWA group have been consistently providing the products and services to support the society since our establishment in 1884, with the corporate philosophy of "Create a rich life and contribute to the building of a resource recycling society through business activities". Started from the mining and smelting industry, we have come to expand our existing five core businesses, namely, environment and recycling, smelting, electronic materials, metal processing and heat treatment, while responding to various changes of the times, such as the environmental, economic and social issues.

Today, long after entering the global era, the business environment in which we operate is changing at an unprecedented pace. Yet because we have overcome those issues of the time for over 130 years, we are confident that we can surely demonstrate our strength furthermore. Leveraging our years of experience, we will continue to promote business activities that support the global society, while responding with agility to capture the changes.

Foster "Diverse global human resources" responsible for growth

The new medium-term plan which started from this fiscal year, mentions three pillars: "Further expansion of overseas operations", "Business expansion into growth markets and related fields", and "Continued strengthening of business competitiveness, based on the fundamental policy of Continues growth. While steady accumulation of priority measures in each business sector is indispensable in these efforts, development and expansion of "human resources" which are the bearer of such measures is also indispensable. Especially, we are strengthening our efforts with an eye to the medium-to-long-term, such as expansion of overseas training and global employment of younger employees, and opportunities for the staff of overseas companies to visit and train in Japan, with the aim of fostering "Diverse global human resources" responsible for achieving further expansion of overseas businesses. Needless to say, human resources form the basis of all our corporate activities, and we at DOWA group will continue to focus even further so that diverse human resources can demonstrate their abilities to the fullest.

Stronger CSR initiatives in the supply chain of global market

CSR initiatives in the supply chain in the global markets have been gaining increasing importance. DOWA group has created and published new "DOWA group CSR Procurement Guidelines" in FY2014, based on CSR procurement policy that was formulated in light of the universal principles of the United Nations Global Compact. These guidelines aim to continue to promote CSR management with mutual cooperation, by including items that involve all the suppliers as well as DOWA group, from the viewpoint of CSR. As a member that constitutes the global market, we will continue to strengthen the CSR throughout the supply chain, along with these guidelines.

Through our five core businesses, we at DOWA group will continue to resolve various social issues on global scale that need to be addresses promptly, such as measures to prevent global warming and issues related to resources and energy, while cooperating with various stakeholders such as suppliers, various national governments, and local communities.

In addition to conveying at large the various internal and external CSR initiatives of DOWA group, this CSR report also aims that each and every employee their daily work anew and gives a thought once again to CSR involving their own work. Please send us your frank opinions, so that the continued growth of DOWA group further contributes to the resolution of global social issues.

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