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DOWA group is committed to conducting business based on the CSR activities, considering the future of our earth and society to contribute to resolving social problems through business activities. We are also promoting a variety of CSR activities to increase transparency of our business and gain trust from our stakeholders.
Our company has 5 operating companies having different business activities, and thus facing a wide range of CSR related issues. We have been promoting effective CSR, with primary CSR activities centered on our operating companies and subsidiaries. DOWA CSR Report reports the CSR philosophy and the major business activities of the DOWA group of the year in an easy-to-understand way to all stakeholders. At the same time, each and every employee deeply would be able to understand our CSR and also can play a role in promoting the CSR activities.
Through this report, we hope to rouse your interest in our corporate philosophy and our initiatives for the future.

(1)Areas covered in this report

Target organizations

DOWA Holdings and subsidiaries (both in Japan and other countries) that are included in our consolidated accounting are selected in these reports. Data on some of our efforts are only associated to DOWA Holdings and other major companies of the group.
From the FY2015 edition, we have added HIGHTEMP FURNACES LTD. and DOWA METALS & MINING (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as overseas subsidiaries.

Target areas to report

The report consists of four areas of DOWA’s CSR policies: Governance, Safety, Environment, and Society. It covers each of these policies, current implementation status of its major issues and the activities by the above-mentioned organizations.

Target audience

This report is intended for our customers, stockholders, investors, clients, local communities, researchers, students, employees, rating & evaluation agencies, governmental agencies, NGO’s, NPO’s and all stakeholders of the DOWA group’s business activities.

Target period

The report mainly covers activities conducted from April 1, 2014 until March 31, 2015 (Fiscal year of 2014), partially including the past background and previous activities to provide more accurate information.

Reference guidelines

(2)Publishing of a web version

This report highlights and reports CSR activities of the DOWA group, focusing on some important points, to provide an overview of those activities in an easy-to-understand way. For more details, visit our website .
Check our website for detailed information about the topics marked. If mistakes are found after publication of the CSR report, they will be reported on our website with errata notes.

(3)Basic information

Publication Date October 2015
Due Publication Date of the Next Report October 2016
Responsible Department CSR Department, DOWA Holdings, Co., Ltd.
URL Japanese) English)
Contact CSR Department, DOWA Holdings, Co., Ltd.
22nd Floor, Akihabara UDX Bldg, 4-14-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
101-0021 JAPAN
Phone: (+81) 3-6847-1104 / Fax: (+81) 3-6847-1277

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