The DOWA group enhances the relationship with society through CSR activities, aimed at being
a company trusted by all stakeholders. We believe it important that not only each of our business
entity but also each employee of DOWA is aware of his/her responsibility as a corporate citizen.
We also regard that promotion of activities in local society is one of our focus fields.

CSR Policy

  • We respect in the diversity and human rights of employees and we aim at creating a workplace that will allow each one to show their maximum capacity with challenge and pride.
  • Promoting social contribution considering unique characteristic of each local community together with local people.

Progress of Activities

Following is the progress of social activities and issues in FY2014 and plans for 2015.


Focus Measures
Issues Target Evaluation Major Results
Promoting diversity management To offer information on life planning
after retirement (Holding seminars)
Number of reemployed persons A 150 people participated in the Holdings group
To implement the plan to promote employment of the disabled Progress rate of plan B Employment rate unchanged
Promoting work-life balance To promote implementation of the action plan
to support for fostering the next generation
Progress rate of plan B Working hours management strengthening by attendance
system revision and system operation
Thorough internal knowledge of institutions
Encouragement of annual leave usage
Acquisition rate A Annual leave acquisition rate 59%
(As compare to previous fiscal year 6% increase)
Contribution to local communities To conduct interviews in our business entities outside Japan and support for local contribution activities in the business entities outside Japan Survey on business entities outside Japan and the number of visits there A Thailand 5 companies, India 1 company, Indonesia 2
companies Visit and intervews
To continue to promote events with local communities - A Marathon, cross-country skiing competitions, Cherry
Blossom Festival
Promoting in-house CSR education To expand CSR education Frequency of renewal A Monthly more than 2 times
To improve in-house portal site and to use group news letter A Post a safety feature to group report

* Evaluation: A: Accomplished, B: Fair

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Focus Measures:Cocial Contribution Activities in India

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