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Relations with society

Imperial Visit

PhotoEmperor and Empressfs Visit

Their Majesties Emperor and Empress visited the DOWA facilities in Kosaka area including Kosaka Smelting and Refining on June 16.

Their Majesties Emperor and Empress visited the new furnace for recycled materials in Kosaka Smelting and Refining and saw the premises and Green Fill Kosaka from inside the car. They also visited the gOath Monumenth that declares symbiosis with nature, located on a hill commanding a whole view of Kosaka Smelting and Refining. They also observed mountains revived with afforestation and the planting ceremony by employees of Kosaka Smelting and Refining.

Their Majesties extended words of expectations and encouragement to us for the commitment to our resource-recycling business of the DOWA group. This is the most honorable year in the history of the DOWA group.

Welcoming Visitors to Our Plants

PhotoScene of Minister of the Environment visiting
Kosaka Smelting and Refining

Each business establishment of the DOWA group welcomes visitors including local people, customers and partners to deepen their understanding of our business activities and our commitment to the environment.

Minister of the Environment, Saito visited Kosaka Smelting and Refining (October) and Eco-System Chiba (November) in 2008. As part of ASEAN Training Initiative to foster administrative and industrial personnel from ASEAN countries by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry or JICA, our four business establishments in Kosaka, Hanaoka, Chiba and Honjo are selected as companies to accept these people. We feel that public interests in and expectations for our environmental and recycling business are increasing.

Present conditions

Lake Kojima Blossom Corridor project in Okayama City

PhotoPlanting ceremony of Lake Kojima Blossom Corridor
Planted Kawazu cherry trees

Baron Denzaburo Fujita, founder of the DOWA group, promoted reclamation of the Kojima Bay. Lake Kojima is a pure water lake that is a product of his passion. In April 2007, the DOWA group started a project to plant 3,000 Kawazu cherry trees along the DOWA groupfs properties and the public roads around Lake Kojima and adjacent areas.

In 2008 we had a tree-fostering ceremony for 1,700 Kawazu cherry trees we planted with our supporters in June, August and September. We eradicated weeds and watered the trees. In December we had a planting ceremony. About 1,000 supporters visited the place with their families and enjoyed planting 237 Kawazu cherry trees and Lake Kojima Blossom Corridor Dance.

Two years have passed since this project started and now we have 3,000 supporters planting 3,000 trees (3,265 trees as of the end of March 2009).

Zipangu, the Lands of Gold

PhotoScene of DOWAfs exhibition

The DOWA group sponsored gGOLD-The Lands of Gold: Zipangu and El Doradoh held at the National Museum of Nature and Science from July to September, commemorating the 100th Anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relationship between Colombia and Japan. The DOWA group displayed actual metals and played the video on DOWAfs metal recycling technology, rare metals , which are as precious as gold nowadays, and posted the issue of exhaustion of the supply of metals, highlighting gold as a resource. Many elementary and junior high school students visited the exhibition with their families as it was held during the summer vacation.

DOWA Cup Jr. Cross Country Ski Festival

PhotoAwarding ceremony (top) and sit ski (right)

In February, we held a DOWA Cup Towada Lake junior cross country ski festival in Mt. Okawadake in Kosaka, Akita Prefecture. In this event in addition to ordinary three ski races of sprint, cross country and sit (a sit ski on a wheelchair maneuvered using onefs arms), we offered open tournament thereby inexperienced elementary and junior high school students can enjoy the dynamism of the ski tournament. Total 691 elementary and junior high school students participated in this 19th event this year.

This event is also designated as a selection race of the skiers for the Winter Youth Olympic Games to be held in Australia in 2012 and therefore the event is increasing its importance.

Present conditions


Cooperation with collection of Koden (compact electric and electronic appliances) in Akita Prefecture

ptbggKodenh project

As compact electric and electronic appliances (gKodenh in Japanese) contain rare metals in addition to gold and copper, they can be precious metal resource.

However, most of gKodenh are left at home or disposed as general wastes to be collected by municipalities and rare metals used in these appliances are not being properly collected for recycling purpose.

Under these circumstances, the RtoS Study Group of Tohoku University started an experimental collection project (gKoden Collection Projecth) in Ohdate City, Akita Prefecture in 2006 together with supports from Akita Prefecture and various companies, aimed at future recycling of rare metals. In this experiment, boxes are placed at specified locations to collect compact home electric and electronic appliances to analyze basic data of collected items. This project was officially approved by Akita Prefecture in 2008 and now deployed all over Akita. This project is also recommended by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Environment as a mode business.

As an expert of resource-recycling, the DOWA group has been the core sponsor supporting this project from the start until now and it is committed to ensuring resources for Japan both from social and technological standpoints.