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As a public institution in the society

Management System

Corporate Governance

The DOWA group set forth the Dowa Groupfs Values and Standards of Conduct in order for each employee to be aware that a company is a public institution; comply with laws and regulations; and take a sensible course of action in our society.

We also strive to ensure sound business management, focusing on enhancement of corporate governance through internal control and improve quality and efficiency of management to implement open, highly transparent management.


Internal control activities

In order to strengthen corporate governance, we encourage each company in the group to prepares a document titled gAbout Internal Control Systemh and to promote establishment and operation of each internal control system.

As part of implementation and operation of internal control, we also prepare written procedures and work flows on accounting; visualize work flows; identify risks of errors and unfair conduct; and, to observe and evaluate processes by internal audit. We strive to promote efficient risk management and business procedures and improve our corporate value by also preparing documents related to activities other than accounting and conducting internal audit.


We have faced a very severe business environment since last year. We feel internal control in such an environment is of importance.

gTo comply with our own rules based on lawsh, gNot to mention what we cannot doh and gTo be leanh are all examples of internal control.

When we talk about internal control, we donft have to use difficult terms or to take a fighting stance. When it comes to internal control, it is important to gdo what we should do on a routine basish.

Kanefumi Nishiguchi, the CSR Department