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What'S DOWA?

We Support the Infrastructures of the Resource Recycling Society.

Although DOWA is classified as a non-ferrous metal industry, DOWA is also engaged in various other lines of business, including smelting and refining, environmental management and recycling, electronic materials, metal processing, and thermal treatment businesses, DOWA capitalizes on its unique traditional technologies and know-how's developed for many years through its mining, smelting and refining lines of business.

Our lines of business are all connected in the way metal resources are circulated: in the smelting and refining line of business, useful metals are extracted from natural resources; in the metal processing and thermal treatment, value is added to these extracted metals; in the electronic materials, advanced functions are further added to these metal materials.

In 2006 DOWA transformed its organizational structure into a holding company system. In this way the holding company can focus on planning and developing strategies for the entire group. Its business department was divided into five business corporations. The DOWA group consists of the holding company and these five business corporations, and two supporting companies. The DOWA group actively deploys business in each business field in a diversified, unique way.