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Basic Approach

The directors and employees of the Group utilize the DOWA Group Corporate Mission, Vision, Values, and Code of Conduct to guide them in their day-to-day business activities. In addition, our continued efforts to spread awareness of our whistleblower system, combined with the implementation of internal audits, helps with the prevention and early detection of any fraud or misconduct in the Company or at Group companies, and accordingly we take appropriate measures whenever the need should arise. We will establish and operate a framework governing our business activities with high ethical standards and aim to be an open and transparent organisation. We also prevent corruption, bribery, abuse of a superior position and other unfair and illegal acts, and we do not treat whistleblowers in relation to such acts in a prejudicial manner.

Promotion System

Centered on the General Affairs & Legal Department, which is the department in charge of compliance, DOWA Holdings has stipulated items for regulations that comprise a system of major company regulations. These include regulations for the Board of Directors, administrative authority, accounting, document handling, purchasing, and information system management. This system of regulations serves to standardize regulations across the Group and clarify the responsibilities, authority, and authorization procedures of each position. In addition, the Internal Audit Department conducts internal audits, including regular monitoring and risk assessment.


Corruption Prevention

The Group clearly states inside and outside the Company that it will prevent corruption, bribery, abuse of a dominant bargaining position, and other unfair and illegal acts. It will not treat whistleblowers who report such acts unfavorably and will not have any relationship with anti-social forces. The General Affairs & Legal Department, the supervising department at the center of our organized response to anti-social forces, collaborates with outside specialists such as lawyers as necessary. In addition, we ensure that all officers and employees comply with our standards and related laws or regulations and monitor compliance status through internal audits.

Managing Risks Related to Corruption Prevention

The Group is strengthening and enhancing its risk management flow, which consists of the identification of potential and actual risks in each business activity, the implementation of countermeasures, reviews, and audits. Within this risk management flow, we have designated anti-corruption risks as risks to be managed and are working to prevent corruption.

Enhancement of Compliance Training

We are working to raise employee awareness of compliance and prevent compliance violations by expanding and enhancing various types of compliance-related education. In 2020, we established and have been operating “Compliance Cafe,” a website on our intranet that provides information on compliance, including case studies and videos of lawyers explaining relevant laws and regulations. In addition, a monthly compliance e-mail magazine featuring case studies and examples of compliance violations is distributed to employees within the Group.

Internal Reporting System

The Company has established the DOWA Consultation Desk, which allows any Group director or employee to anonymously report and consult with outside lawyers regarding harassment, fraud, or any other improper activity. Confidentiality concerning reports made and the protection of reporting parties against unfair treatment are both guaranteed by the DOWA Consultation Desk. Our internal reporting system is also available to all of our stakeholders, including employees of suppliers and cooperating companies. Consultations and opinions expressed are kept confidential and are addressed promptly and appropriately. For reports of possible compliance violations received at the desk, the facts are investigated and a final determination is made as to whether or not a violation has occurred. If the investigation reveals that a compliance violation has occurred, the Company takes necessary corrective measures and measures to prevent recurrence.

Prevention of Harassment

The Company has established the Rules for Harassment Prevention, a series of rules that all employees must follow in order to prevent different types of harassment. We also believe it is important to prevent the occurrence of such incidents and respond to them if they do occur. To this end, we conduct harassment training for managers throughout the Group and hold lectures delivered by outside lawyers in charge of handling reports made to the DOWA Consultation Desk. In addition, we strive to prevent workplace harassment by putting up posters in our offices and disseminating information through the Company intranet. In FY 2022, outside attorneys conducted harassment training for representatives of Group companies.