Sustainability Management

Policy for Human Resources Development

Basic Approach to Human Resources

At the DOWA Group, we believe that human resources are at the core of all of our business activities. We have overcome challenges in our long history by mobilizing each individual person working on the front line of each development, such as manufacturing, marketing, and management in the DOWA Group and by squarely facing and addressing problems that have emerged at different times. To achieve sustainable development of the DOWA Group and to continue to be a corporate group that is truly needed by society, we aim to maintain corporate growth by combining the efforts of each member who shares our corporate philosophy.

Policy for Human Resources Development

We, the DOWA Group, motivate each employee to strive for opportunities to better themselves.
To do that, we offer fair opportunities to study to those who are willing to learn, regardless of their position, age, gender and work location.
In our human resources development policy, we base on to further develop strengths, not to correct weaknesses.

Creating an Environment for Human Resource Development

Enhancing training programs for employees working on the frontlines in the field.

Preparing enhanced online training programs that employees can take if they wish to learn regardless of day, time, or location.

Introducing an organizational operation program to increase team strength by utilizing members’ strong points to concentrate the strengths of each employee instead of individual abilities.