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[Special Issue] Expansion of overseas
business and CSR Business Activities in Thailand and CSR Toward Realizing a Low-carbon Society in Asia

CSR Management

DOWA's Initiatives on each CSR field


To continue to be a company that is trusted by the society, the DOWA group has positioned strengthening of corporate governance as a key management issue, and is working on it based on “Dowa Group’s Values and Standards of Conduct”


Occupational health and safety is one of the most important themes in helping DOWA group to expand the business.
The DOWA group puts in place a “safety and health committee” in each of its business entities in Japan and other countries to promote safety activities according to the annual health and safety plan, based on our basic philosophy of “Safety is the top priority.”


The DOWA regards environmental conservation as a key issue in our business management and is committed to its promotion. In our environmental activities we are responding to environmental and social issues directly through our main business and at the same time we are reducing the environmental burden produced by our business. We will strive for environmental conservation and to create economic value of the conservation activity at the same time.


The DOWA group enhances the relationship with society through CSR activities, aimed at being a company trusted by all stakeholders. We believe it important that not only each of our business entity but also each employee of DOWA is aware of his/her responsibility as a corporate citizen. We also regard that promotion of activities in local society is one of our focus fields.

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