Occupational Safety Initiatives

Based on the DOWA group’s CSR Policy that “All employees shall voluntarily work on initiatives and aim for the improvement of safety and health standards from the standpoint of the basic policy being, “Safety is the top priority””, we have organized safety and health committees at all business sites and are developing various safety activities based on the annual safety and health plan.

Initiatives in Japan

With the company-wide safety campaign project that was launched across the entire group since FY2013, we checked the current gap between “Vision” = “The most effective safety activity approach” and are steadily promoting initiatives based on the improvement plans aimed at realizing the vision.

Safety Recognition

Reduction of risk by manhole weight reduction and reduction of working time

At Akita Rare Metals that recycles Indium in the city of Akita, the accident-free period has been continuing for a long time. In FY2015, we adopted a risk assessment method to the improvement activities and small group activities that we had been implementing from the past, and received the President's award for safety for the achievement of both risk reduction and improvement in work efficiency simultaneously. In the case study initiative, we are trying to improve safety awareness such as replacing the accident scenario of another company with your own workplace, doing a risk assessment and checking 5W1H, etc. so that accidents and disasters can be self-captured.

Initiatives outside Japan

In Southeast Asia where many DOWA Group offices are located, we have started joint safety cross-patrol etc. between the bases in FY2013. In FY2015 we strove to expand our educational activities such as training for safety staff from China, Thailand and Indonesia bases in Japan, for the purpose of nurturing human resources responsible for strengthening the field strength.

Human Resource Training Initiatives

Education using
own video materials

In DOWA Thermotech Indonesia, we are focusing on nurturing local human resources through safety, quality, compliance etc.  Maintaining high quality and cleanliness of the factory comparable to that of the factories in Japan by promotion of 5S activities and education using original images, thoroughness of “Information, reporting, phasing” and greeting activities has helped gain the trust of the users which has resulted in improved business performance.
In addition to the corporate philosophy and action guidelines of the DOWA Group, we have established policies and behavioral standards that take into consideration Indonesian laws and cultures, and implemented dissemination and education through in-house training, morning meeting sessions and employee communication.

Occurrence of Work-related Accidents

Compared with figures for offices of comparable size in the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare accidents statistics, the frequency rate was 0.98 against 1.70 and severity rate was 1.35 against 0.08 and the severity rate shows higher value than frequency rate.

* Compared with FY2015 accidents statistics definite value when number of employees was 100–299 (average number of employees at each of our offices)

Trend in Occupational Accident Frequency Rate

Trend in Occupational Accident Frequency Rate

Trend in Occupational Accident Severity Rate

Trend in Occupational Accident Severity Rate
Frequency rate Indicator representing the frequency of accidents based on number of casualties due to industrial accidents per 1 million total working hours
Severity rate Indicator representing the severity of accidents based on number of labor days lost due to industrial accidents per 1,000 total working hours

Accidents in DOWA Hightech

Two people died in the early hours of January 3, 2016 due to a tank explosion accident that occurred at DOWA Hightech Co., Ltd., which is a subsidiary of our Company.
We express our deepest condolences to those who passed away and sincerely apologize for any inconveniences and concerns caused to all those concerned.
Going forward, we will certainly implement various safety measures and work to strengthen our safety management system.

TOPICSCertified Company for Safety and Good Health

Certified Company for Safety and Good Health

According to the official announcement of “Companies with excellent safety and health” by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, which was started in FY2015 with the goal of “Company Performance in Occupational Safety and Health”, Meltec that carries out melting and recycling of waste ranks 17th in the nation and received its first recognition in the Tochigi Prefecture. This certification is subject to efforts in a wide range of fields such as workers' health maintenance promotion measures, mental health measures, safety management, etc., however, activities such as promoting the visualization of Meltec’s risk areas and conducting all-member safety meetings, etc. were evaluated.

Promotion of Health Management

The DOWA group develops various measures such as health check, mental health measures, support for sports events, etc. for promotion and health management of employees and their families.

Health Check

The departments and business units are taking initiatives for all employees to have their regular health check done every year to raise their awareness towards health, so that they can maintain their physical and mental health. In addition to this, we are also making the most of various subsidy programs such as medical checkups, gynecological examinations, influenza vaccination, etc. We have also taken various initiatives directed at improving the consultation rate of specific medical checkup intended for insured persons of age 40 or more and nonworking dependents by providing information through group newsletters, etc.
Further, we also provide a subsidy system for sporting events for employees through sports and exercise so that they continue to maintain and promote a healthy body.

Mental Health Initiatives

The DOWA Group is taking initiatives towards creating a healthy workplace for both mind and body. For health management of minds of the employees (Mental Health Management), we operate a mental health counseling system, and have provided a dedicated line where employees can receive telephonic and in-person consultations by a professional counselor (clinical psychologist). We have also introduced self-check tools since FY2013 that can be used for self-diagnosis of mental health, for achieving prevention of mental illnesses by enhancing the awareness of own stress condition.

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