DOWA CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2008

Social report

The business establishments and affiliates of the DOWA group, based on the Dowa Groupfs Values and Standards of Conduct, are engaged in social activities appropriate for each region they are located in, in order for the group to contribute to the sustainable development and to be a company whose existence is desired by each region. We are going to introduce our main efforts in 2007.

Environmental report

The DOWA group intends to realize sustainable society by reducing environmental loads and conserving the environment. This can only be achieved by balancing our environmental conservation activities with our business activities of creating economic values. We must engage ourselves in environmental and social efforts and at the same time reduce environmental loads through our main business activities.
The DOWA group will contribute to building sustainable society by promoting environment-conscious business management.

Economy Report

The DOWA group prepared the medium-term business plan for 2006 through 2008 and is now engaged in various activities, aimed at achieving the goals as follows: