Sustainability Management

CSR Procurement Policy

We, the DOWA Group, try to deepen the understanding of business partners in our CSR procurement policy and disseminate our policy. When we select our partners, we consider Q (Quality), C (Cost) and D (Delivery), as well as S (Sustainability), which represent the initiatives taken to carry out CSR activities, including environmental protection and respect for human rights. With this in mind, we evaluate and select partners in a fair, impartial, and comprehensive manner.

We work to build mutually dependable relationships with our partners and aim to achieve mutual prosperity as partners by creating excellent products that effectively meet the diverse needs of customers.

1. Legal Compliance and Fair Trade

We consider not only legal compliance but also fairness and impartiality as top priorities, and engage in fair trade with our partners. We ask all our partners to comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and social norms prior to trading with us.

2. Optimum Quality and Reasonable Price

We ensure the quality required by our customers and provide products at fair prices in collaboration with our partners. We ask our partners to put a quality assurance system in place and provide us with materials and services at prices that are competitive in the market.

3. Establishment of a Stable Supply System

We are preparing Business Continuity Plans (BCP) at each business entity within the DOWA Group, to ensure stable supplies of products to our customers, even in an emergency. To ensure timely delivery, we ask our partners to put in place a system to stably supply materials and services, and to exercise risk management for emergencies.

4. Sustainability

We recycle resources based on the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) to contribute to a sustainable society and promote purchases of resources and materials that impose a smaller environmental burden (Green Procurement.) We ask our partners to ensure environmental conservation, respect for human rights, and workplace health and safety. Also to prevent being complicit in human rights abuse or injustice, we ask our partners to understand the “DOWA Group Responsible Minerals Procurement Policy“ and take action in accordance to its policies. When we select our partners, we place value on a management system that can continuously improves sustainability.

5. Information Protection

We do not disclose confidential information of our partners to third parties without permission. We ask our partners to keep confidential and personal information obtained in the course of business with the DOWA Group in strict confidence, and not to disclose such information to in-house and external third parties without our permission.

6. CSR Procurement Guideline

We promote procurement based on the DOWA Group’s CSR Procurement Guideline. We ask our partners to implement CSR procurement as part of our supply chain, notify relevant parties of this policy to deepen their understanding, and obtain their cooperation.