Sustainability Management

Biodiversity Policy

We, the DOWA group, shall recognize the importance of biodiversity conservation to sustainably enjoy the blessing of nature, which are derived from biodiversity and our business activities are benefiting from, and shall voluntary and continuously work on conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity as a member of society.

Our Action Policy on Biodiversity Conservation

1. Identification of business impacts on biodiversity and implementation of activities

We identify and analyze what type of ecosystem services* our business activities depend and have impact on, and make an effort to avoid and reduce the impacts.

2. Awareness of employees

We carry out education and awareness-raising of biodiversity on our employees.

3. Corporate management for sound material cycles

We strive to create a culture of sound material cycles through sustainable resources use, energy saving and 3R, and to conserve biodiversity through such comprehensive business activities.

4. Collaboration with various stakeholders

We promote communication and information sharing on biodiversity conservation, and seek sustainable use of biodiversity with various stakeholders related to our business activities.

*: Ecosystem Services
The benefits people obtain from ecosystems (Definition of United Nations’ “Millennium Ecosystem Assessment”)
e.g. : Provisioning services such as fresh water and timber, regulating services such as climate regulation and soil erosion control, and cultural services such as recreation place
A company could be said to depend on ecosystem services when they function as supply source (e.g. usage of fresh water in business activities), or when they provide the company with necessary environmental conditions to achieve good business performance (e.g. groundwater derived from forest).